July 10, 2010

The First Born

first born

I love Koffy. As far as we are concerned, he's our first born. Our first baby boy and nothing can ever compare to that. This dog brought us so much joy and I can't imagine our life would be if we didn't have him. Because of Koffy I've proven that my husband is going to be a great father for the religious routine they do every single day. Koffy's a very demanding dog. He needs to walk twice a day and it requires a great deal of effort and passion to keep up with him. My husband has a very erratic work schedule. Sometimes he would come home at 12 midnight and had to wake up to kisses of Koffy that says "daddy, get up, it's time to walk". And that's usually 5 in the morning. Not once my husband bail out on Koffy. I can hear some complain from time to time and sometimes they argue on the way out but he won't let Koffy down. He's been doing it for the last three years and I asked him does he ever get tired of it? Well, he said he loves Koffy, and it makes him happy to see Koffy happy. "It's a little favor I can do for him for all the happiness he brought us", he added. Thank God I married this guy cos we're in love on same things. How did I get so lucky?

Now that we're having a human baby, am just more excited for our little family. And having Koffy gave me the confidence am gonna be good mom cos I did raise him good right? He loves babies. He's good with them. He's fascinated with them. He may be big but he's very gentle with kids. I know every single thing he needs. I can read him well, just like mommies on their babies. Babies don't have to talk for mommies to understand what they want and need. They just know. 

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evey ♥ said...

I can see clearly now.. you will be the best parents for koffy and your soon to be baby girl/boy! :) koffy is so lucky to have both of you in his life. If only he could talk and thank you! And yes, ur lucky you have a husband like him and of course lucky him to have a wonderful wife like you :)

pehpot said...

you'll be one good momma for sure :)

I am as excited as you are to see Kofy together with your baby

Nicky said...

Koffy looks incredibly sweet! Your guys sounds like quite a catch too- I knew I was gonna love my husband forever when we were watching a commercial about abused animals and how you could help. His eyes were welling up with tears (I knew he'd make a great father!!!!) Weird instinctual thing I think!

Congrats on your "human" baby :) Boy or girl???

Joanna Ladrido said...

i love ur dog! so cute! and congratulations on your baby!!!!

The Owl's Closet said...

ur dog is adorable! aww im sure the two of u will be great parents:) it's so sweet that ur husband sticks to the routine despite his crazy work schedule!


Gela said...

Koffy is adorbs!! :3 i'm sure he'll make a fantastic "kuya" (haha), & that you'll both be awesome parents to the tiny youngin' that's coming your way. :)


boat ride through the sky

Manila Girl said...

That's one handsome dog! Congratulations on your pregnancy. :-) I'm sure you'll make a fabulous mom!

deadlychic said...

yiii..but of course! you'll be a good parent.it shows naman with how you take care of Koffy:D


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