July 4, 2010

Celebrate All Fours

Pierre Cardin

Life should be fabulous, no matter what circumstances, flaws, bumps, and pimples : Life should always be fabulous. Celebrate beauty, class, glorify our men and dogs and worship the perfection that is Javier Bardem. And don't forget to remind yourself each time you look in the mirror that you are the most fabulous of all.

Have a great day darlings and to our American friends, Happy 4th of July. Cheers to Life and beers.

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mom & son said...

Hello Momma Denise!
How are you?

We just came back from a fireworks display
but didn't stay long, Mr.Freddy was terrified, huh!

Have a great day!

toxic disco boy said...

the first pic looks like it was shot here in manila. hahahaha. ^^

...Iww... said...

Great pics :D

My Republic of Fashion said...

Great pictures, love Javier bardem.sarahD:)


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