July 16, 2010

Shop Update : Lhasa

hot pink dress

Am selling my three Lhasa dresses today....

I've worn the two once and this one stayed on my closet for more than a year and i've never worn it even once. Just got so intimidated by the color I guess. 

So any taker out there? Visit my Thriftaholic Shop and email me at harukijayden@yahoo.com for reservations and inquiries. 

Have a great Friday everyone.

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Ann said...

Hi Denise--hope you're feeling better now---I just saw your edited blog header--"Third World fashion Victim.....and currently pregnant"
You just gave me my first smile of the day,=)...take care!

Joanna Ladrido said...

such a pretty dress!

Kookie B. said...

that dress has beautiful ruffles on it! go wear mo pa one last time. keri mo yan! gorgeous color pa naman.

Melissa said...

love it =) the red is so bold and stunning!


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