September 9, 2010

Lace Es Cape

lace cape
lace cape
lace cape

Yey! Got this lace cape for less than a dollar. Isn't that suuuuuper amazing? Sometimes am just that lucky. I think am going back to get the two more version of this in gold and stripe. Wish me luck. Hope they're still hanging there waiting for me.

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lace cape: thrift
dress: RAF Plains ans Prints
shoes: Urge


so it's not a cape but a YUKATA - A kimono. Thank you Toxic Disco Boy for the information.


Ann said...

Great find Denise!!!=)
looking as lovely as ever!=)

em_malong said...

WOW nice!!!
good luck den:D

toxic disco boy said...

that's a yukata. summer wear in japan. i have something like that din lace na blue i bought in a japanese store dito. kaloka merong ganyan sa ukay?! winner!

Erin (penny. LA) said...

LOVING all the jewelry... you completely pull it off!

Melai said...

OMG ate den!!! yes it's supah dupah amazzzing! I want one too!!! waaah. Where??? :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Sara Strode said...

Yes, they just wait yourself. I guess that that's simply reality

AVA T. said...

your "kimono" is really amazing! i hope the others you want are still hanging in there for you!

sweet said...

Love the lace cover up/kimono are very lucky to find great finds hah!!!! i envy you!!!!

Kisses darling

duckalicious said...

what a great find! you look gorgeous.

elle said...

wow, this looks real pretty and delicate! Just look at the detail!

kookie kulasa said...

super in love with the entire look!!!


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