September 6, 2010

Baby Love


Okay, before anyone jump into a panic reaction, NO this is not a high jump, just a couple of inches above the ground. It was the husband who's lying on the ground. It's just that i miss jump shots so much, that's all. But thank you for your never ending concern. Always appreciate that.

So a couple of days ago i had my second ultrasound. The baby's very healthy. I guess that's the most important thing right now. To know he/she is very healthy. It has two sets of legs and arms, it has a butt, pumping heart and lots of ribs and it has a big head. So far the baby's on track but a little shy. We didn't see the gender. But that's okay. All we ever wanted is a baby and finally God gave us one, so regardless if he's a bee or if she's a flower we're just excited to start our little finally. Maybe we don't want to know anymore till the day he/she comes. I really want that surprise! Sometimes I just can't wait for December, when all i ever think about now is this baby. I know December is gonna be so hectic with Christmas and New Year and soon this baby. I say bring it on. I am soooooo ready!

Have an amazing Monday everyone.

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dress: thrift
shoes: Possibility
belt and earrings: bazaar


dianneregina said...

hi denise, i love that jumpshot.. you look stunning! :D

Ann said...

Happy monday too Denise!

dred said...

you are one stylish pregnant woman denise !xx

Gela said...

so excited for you! glad to hear that your baby has a butt. haha! and i say keep the baby's gender a surprise! :D

boat ride through the sky

Baśka said...

you're shining!

elle said...

Jump shots are indeed fun! Congratulations on the baby, how exciting! I love the flowery patterns on your dress :-)

sweet said...

Hhahahaha, I was a bit shocked good thing you had the explanation right away...but love the dress Denise and YEY!!! the baby bump...whehehehe!!!!

Kisses hun

Kookie B. said...

Denise, i love the photos!!! Ang nice naman ng village niyo...parang American suburbs lang! Super cute dress by the way.

Take care of your health and baby always! Mwah!


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