September 2, 2010

Last Night


When you're six months pregnant and got invited to an event ( in a club), where drinks are overflowing and music is pumping, people are screaming and shouting just to hear each other....what are you going to wear? Oh am sorry, that should be least of your problem cos normally you say no and don't go. Well to my defense i don't have any idea that the event will be in a club. It's sort of a mini fashion show launching Glitterati's Muses. Honestly I've never been to a club. And to think this is my first clubbing experience and to make it more bizarre I brought a baby with me!!! Nice ei??? 

Am a very bad mother. Bringing a baby to club???? So just imagine the look i got from people outside the bar, because once inside i did a pretty good job blending with the crowd. Had a glass of water with me i called the pretend drink and slither my way to see the people I've been wanting to meet since forever - my fellow lovely bloggers. It was FUN. I can't believe am saying this but husband had a blast stalking the models, talking to them even for a micro second, shouting at them to look and smile for his camera. Am glad he enjoyed the whole event. I never thought that he'd be into fashion. What can I say, boys will always be boys. They like pretty girls. 

Gonna upload more photos tomorrow to share this whole experience with you.  

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blazer: vintage Dolce and Gabbana, thirft
dress: Lhasa
shoes: Possibility
bag: Forward and Scoop
ring: gift  


Ann said...

=) Seems both of you had a blast!=) more pics please!!!No one has posted anything yet! Just you and Aisa pa lng I think,=)

Lauren said...

It was so nice to finally meet you and your husband yesterday! :D I didn't get a chance to compliment you on your dress, it's really lovely and quite club-appropriate. My boyfriend didn't even notice that you were pregnant, haha.

I really hope this won't be the last time we'll run into each other. :)

Baśka said...

i love the way you write your articles ;) i'm sure this was a really great experience and maybe even a baby was enjoying that :D

evey ♥ said...

you stand out though, u look gorgeous that night! am pretty sure baby had a blast too!

Rose said...

aww your so cute that you havent been to a club :) I dont think theres any prob with pregnant ladies going to a club.
I bet you had a blast, I love fashion shows too although I havent been to many, only at our annual royal show.
Cant wait to see more photos :)


Anonymous said...

can't wait for more pictures...

AVA T. said...

you really looked gorgeous last night, ms. denise :) i bet the baby loved it! when i was pregnant my son loved music..hehe so maybe your baby does too! hehe.

Anonymous said...

I know I've told you hawig mo si Sitti... pero meron ka rin palang Lea Salonga angle :D

Erin (penny. LA) said...

Oh my gosh, you reminded me of a scene in Knocked Up! Have you seen it? See it. :)

Aw, you're so cute in your photo clapping. LOVE the yellow shoes - you can't miss them.

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

i agree--you looked gorgeous!!!:) and i remember the first line i said to you "hala why are you here andaming nagsmoke dito, yung baby!". hahaha! anyway, it was really nice to meet you girl! How I wish we had all the time to chitchat. Next time.:) And your hubby is so fasyon ha!:)

toxic disco boy said...

it was nice seeing you dahling. u were gorgeous and i did not notice the shoes ha. ganda! ^^ mwah! see you next time.

Bionica said...

well you are a very pretty mom at a club =)
and I just love those shoes girl!!!


Noelle Chantal said...

Denise! It was so mice meeting you and other bloggers, finally! I had fun talking and snapping photos with you. You and hubby are so nice. :)

Hope to see you again! Miss you!

cherie said...

what an exciting party and pretty shoes ;)


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