September 29, 2010

Maternity Shoes

maternity shoes
maternity shoes
maternity shoes

If there's one thing people sure to ask me, it's always about the gender of my baby and my shoe. Should all pregnant women walk on flats? For me it's always about comfort and posture. When you're pregnant the center of your gravity and balance changes. My practitioner recommended a chunky 1 to 2-inch heel or wedges to keep my body in proper alignment. So wear the right shoes. Extremely high heels can be a pain on your back and on your legs - as are the very flat ones. Since your belly isn't the only part of your body that is expanding, most likely you'll discover that your feet and hands are growing too. This expansion can be attributed to the normal water retention of the pregnancy or to the new fat in your feet if your weight gain is quick. And there's this pregnancy hormones ( hormones again?... there's so many to count now) that loosen the ligaments and joints around our pelvis so the baby can fit well and it doesn't stop there cos that hormone won't leave our feet to rest - So the result, the bones on our feet tend to spread slightly, resulting for many  of us - pregnant women in a half or whole shoe-size increase. But don't worry cos after delivery all those joints will tighten back up. 

My feet grew now but isn't swelling yet. But last Sunday after a long day of walking on the mall my legs and feet got achy and tired, just like everyone else. I have my regular exercise everyday and I drink a lot of water, so I think that helps to postpone the impending foot and leg swelling. But come nine months I know Ill swell.

Since high heels isn't practical now, So for the first time I did a little maternity shoe shopping that fits my growing needs. But I swear I will never wear CROCS! EVER! Nerver! EVERRER!

When you're pregnant and shoe shopping of course you have to put comfort first before style. But comfort doesn't have to be ugly right? Because at this point in my life mirror is my only friend. Pregnancy brings a lot of blessings but also a lot of physical baggage, even how positive your outlook in all of this, there are days that are just bringing you down. So for me, if I look good, the baby and I feel good. 

I know it's different for every woman, I am different. I am me. 

Since I can't be barefoot for the rest of my pregnancy, I did a little shoe hunting a couple of days ago. And thank God for So FAB. A local shoe brand that offers comfy shoes, especially this one, that has a non skid soles, a crochet material that gives plenty of space for my feet to spread and breathe out. And I love the thin strap too. Remember, comfy doesn't have to be ugly. Even for a maternity shoe. But at home Id like to walk on my husband's slippers. That's the comfiest of all.

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KIRA ♥ said...

Haha, I think Crocs are fugly and pregnant women now have more choices when it comes to comfy footwear :)

Elegantly Wasted

Lauren said...

OMG I love you for your sentiments about Crocs. Congratulations on finding comfy yet adorable footwear!

Samantha said...

Crocs are so ugly its crazy so I'm really glad you are steering clear of them!!

Gayle is Volatile said...

Preggy or not, I like your shoes a lot!

kaney said...

Many travellers have and when they arrived at their destination the chances are they were sore, stiff and their ankles were swollen and feet barely fitting into the shoes-this is a problem because if you are visiting somewhere and you are on a limited time schedule the last thing you need is to be walking stiffly in shoes that do not fit because of swollen feet. 

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