September 7, 2010

Money Money Money Must Be Funny In a Rich Man'$ World

asos shoes
asos shoes
asos shoes
asos shoes

everything from Asos Clearance Sale

Good thing i know a little addition and subtraction or we won't eat for months. Kidding! But anyone who can afford less than 50$ a shoe why not right? But my currency is sooooo third world so all of these shoes costs about more or less 400$, but still that's 20,000 in our peso. But I know that day will finally come when I wake up filthy rich. I can't wait to be snooty.

Pinch me!!!!


wanna feel RICH???? Want a full make-over package + make up loot + Ipod Touch + HOUSE AND LOT???? Okay no house and lot but you can win a total of 40,000 Peso worth of prices by simply joining Project Vanity's contest. Check out her blog. Ill join too. See you there.   


Ann said...

*pinch *pinch---ok girl---you gotta pinch me back though---I started daydreaming after seeing the second pair,=) love!

Moonlit Sunset said...

Loooove all of those shoes, but especially those boots at the end!!!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hahay, how i wish i can wake up rich..and buy all the shoes i want. i won't leave thrifting for my dresses..but shoes lang..hehe.

♥ POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥ 

Annachiara said...

wow...favolous shoes!!!! i looove asos *_*

sweet said...

Same here Denise...I wonder how these Thai's can live up to their lifestyle...every day I always see them purchasing something from big stores to the bazaars and all...

Oh well, they are properly provided by their government too..but hopefully one day I buy all the things I want in life hahahaha

Kisses darling

Erin (penny. LA) said...

Ohhhh, gorgeous gorgeous shoes... I was looking at Prada/Valentino/Jimmy Choos yesterday with a girlfriend and daydreaming...

I wouldn't care about the snooty party (hah) but I certainly would love a lot of money... to buy a few select designer pieces, and then to travel. <3


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