October 31, 2011

Life Looks So Much Cooler On Instagram

Wearing daddy's hatI said smile.
It's all about the shoesOn the spot
He's growing up too fast for my likingHe'd rather teethe on the box
Just had a huge serving of gooey chicken&carrots for dinner. How bout you?Fave snack. Probably because i almost ate only oranges back when pregnant
How bout this for one relaxing lunch?Early christmas shopping. Happy!Across the table from meI can tell he'a a bit bored now
Can you sleep like this? Can you?We're crazy for christmas this year! Koryente bill!
Sofia again?????

photos taken via instagram

We lit our Christmas lights early this year. Yllac's just so crazy about them. And we're so carayzeeee about this baby boy who turned 10 months young days ago and I can tell he's changed a bit. He can entertain himself for long hours now and crawls towards the toys he wanna reach and i feel a little unwanted. They do grow up so fast don't they?

Happy Monday everyone!


gladi said...

Eat the box, Yllac. Eat eeeet! Haha Like.

Liezyl Gomez said...


pinkmate said...

cute shoes!



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