December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas!!!!

Wild party here! Happy bday love.
Can't take my eyes off you
Can't take my eyes off you part 2
Balloon fight!

Wishing your Christmas (plus your weekend) be as merry as Yllac's first birthday party. He turned ONE today. ONE! And I couldn't be happier how our lives changed oh-so-sweet all because of this little guy.

Happy birthday Yllac! Mommy (that's me!) and Daddy (the handsome guy playing with you right now) loves you with all our heart. You made us so happy and thankful and grateful and thankful and more grateful for you are ours forever.

Merry Christmas everyone!


roanjean said...

Happy Christmas to you and your lovely family, Denise! :)

Anonymous said...


Roxanne said...

Merry Christmas Miss D and belated happy birthday to Yllac :)

charmie tamba said...

ambilis ng time! yey for first bday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Yllac more years to come! mwahs


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