December 22, 2011

DIY Gift Bows Made From Magazine Pages

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Are you done with your holiday shopping and of course that never ending gift wrapping? I am done with the shopping but not the wrapping and bow-ing c",) Gift wrapping is easy and free when you shop at Sm Department store, because they offer free gift wrapping services for a minimum purchase of (???) Sorry I forgot. But I like bows on boxes. It looks stinking cute. But ribbon you buy by the yard is expensive and I am not good with soft ribbons. I always mess up. So I remember a school project way way way back about making bows out of paper. This is an easy one. A two year old can do this so can you. c",)

Have fun!

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You need:
  • colorful magazine pages
  • cutter
  • stapler
  • scotch tape
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step 1: cut the magazine into strips

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step 2: fold the ends together and staple
step 3: (cough!!!!) dry cough is killing me, i prefer the good ol' phlegm

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step 4: make a little or big circle like this

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step 5: staple them all together that will look like this.

Easy right? It's cheap, cute and it won't cost a thing.

Happy holidays everyone. Hope you find this diy a bit helpful.


Lauren said...

Oooh this is an awesome idea! I'm done wrapping my gifts but I'll keep this in mind for next year.

I tried availing of SM's gift wrapping services, but everyone else had that same idea because the line was so looooong. And each person in line had like, 20 boxes to wrap. -_-

Anonymous said...

wow~ next year gagawin ko yan :)) merry christmas den and family! miss you guys!

Janelle said...

what a great idea! you're a genius denise :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

this morning, I just wrapped three gifts out of magazines. Your gifts with bows look much better. Mine kasi the whole gift puro magazine.

love maye said...

this is fun and cute and environment friendly idea..goodah!


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