December 22, 2011

Life Lately According To iphone

Playing peekaboo a million miles away. We love skypeTacos for dinner
MOM!!!!!! I'm trying to take a bath here.Okay. We'll have this and this and this, this, this,this.
Koffy playing guard dog.I can see braces in the future
Oh cute!!!!! Basti and yllac. @cherimalditaHe discovered his tongue yesterday.
Am gonna miss my baby. He thinks he can walk.Gift for me
Oh my! It's like Christmas morning. I waiteeeed for sooooo looooong.Good thing he doesn't know how to suck on a straw yet
Yllac thinks i'm a bed. Each time he wakes up at night he automatically rolls on top of me. He misses my uterus??Flipped my hair on the other side and 47 great white strands(from root to tip) said hello.
Because a child lives hereHangin' out with friends tonight
Yellow for husband. He better wear this or find another wife who only wears poopy brownFor the baby boy
Yellow is my favorite color. But i only eat red.Shoe today

I love instagram. It's like tweeting in photos. If you like, you can click on each of the photos to read the little stories behind it.

Have a fun day tomorrow. Goodnight!


fumz.x said...

love your pictures, reminds me of a storybook.

stephenCollines said...

According to the iphone life lately is a very good iphone as compare to the other iphone.

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Jenine S. said...

great photos! :) love instagram too!


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