December 2, 2011

Up For Sale at Bloggers United Bazaar Tomorrow

Am afraid I won't be able to bring some of my clothes tomorrow because our tinnie tiny family van already contains my whole life : my mom, dad (and their luggages), my baby Yllac, my husband and Shoe Etiquette. But it's okay because I am sure that there will be another Bloggers United bazaar happening real soon.

But I'll make it up to you, for the newest (December) and previous collections of Shoe Etiquette will be sold tomorrow at a much affordable price.

Here's a little preview of the December collection.

Black lace up peep toe booties. From 1700 to 1400php. See you at @bloggers_united bazaar tom.

from 1800 to 1400php

Who wants a silver glittery oxfords? Will bring 18 pairs for tom's @bloggers_united bazaar.

Sofia in silver will be sold for 1300php

Will sell this wedges. Loving the wooden heel! @bloggers_united here we go!

this awesome wooden wedges: from 1800 to 1400php

Hey ladies! Who wants a real cowboy boots? Will bring 12 pairs of this tom for @bloggers_united. Raise your foot!
A little dress rehearsal for @bloggers_united bazaar. And yup am selling these boots. And nope! Koffy's not for sale.

and how amazing are these boots? Will sell them from 2000php to 1600php, only tomorrow at the bazaar. So see you there?

And to my friends....

Mon Sitchon
Capella Chua
(sisters) Fenix and Carla
Kat Suyat
Aimee Esteban
Cherrie Alcantara
Darwin Alcantara
Melanie Esponilla
Maui Rocco + (best friend) Tine
Kay Ann Para
Marc Lactaoen
Cat Limson + (friend) Melanny
Maricon Dela Cruz got yourselves a free entrance. Yey! Just say your name and you're in!

See you all tomorrow! It's gonna be a fun fun fun day!

to see the first evuh Bloggers United Bazaar, please click here.

1 comment:

Kara Rita said...

i want the first pair!!! :)


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