December 5, 2011

My Boy Growing Up Too Fast For My Liking

.... More like i waited for you all my lifeOh that smile. We're playing peekaboo
I could just kiss him all day longHe's good at this.
My baby looking like a young boy. He's growing up too fast for my likingHere, my little boy checking out the pretty girls next table.

photos taken via instagram. By the way I am also Denise_Katipunera on instagram. See you there?

Can't believe how our lives changed since becoming parents to this little guy. And I can't believe I just called him little guy. Because look at him, every single day he's morphing into one. And I don't like it. The last photo, he kept on glancing at the pretty girls next table. And the girls loved it. This is bad.


Mary Ann said...

aw he's just so cute--kaka melt ng heart! ^^

Bubby's Mummy said...

He's so gwapo. No wonder the girls loved it. That look can only be described as 'nakakakilig' Ha ha!


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