December 23, 2011

Baby Boy Woke Up at 4

So maybe I was thinking why can't I eat ice cream at 4
Maybe if I am tall enough Id look pretty tall
Maybe if I was blond I am funnier
Maybe if my foot is thinner and narrower if be (never mind)
Maybe today is the day Ill stop drinking full cream milk
Maybe I should cook more
Maybe Ill make pancakes for breakfast
Maybe I am melodramatic for always missing my husband, so i used his toner and his deodorant before going to bed as if he's beside me all night.
Maybe his scent is the best smell aside from garlic of course
Maybe I hate his work
Maybe I don't get why 24/7 cute as adorable husbands have to work, WHY?
Maybe I should stop complaining much
Maybe i should go back to sleep while Yllac's deeply having baby dreams and maybe I wake up to a more trendier version of me, like rock band trendy, cool hair, sexy smirk and lots of cussing like shut-the-ffffront-door!

oh well, maybe.

and btw, It's Yllac's 1st bday party today(tomorrow is his real birthday, december 24). Maybe he woke up early being excited for this day.


Cris Evert said...

Happy bday Yllac.. May God continue blesses you. :).

Number Two Lover said...

Aw cute! Happy birthday to Yllac! God bless :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Happy Birthday to Yllac

Ces of

dred said...

hi denise! natawa ako dun sa deodorant thingy. funny and sweet. :)

happy birthday to yllac! :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Happy 1st birthday, Yllac! He´s getting cuter by day. :)

lauren said...

Happy birthday to Yllac! And happy holidays to you and your little family! :)


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