February 8, 2012

Valentines Day Gift Ideas. Shop at HOBBY DEPOT

Valentines Day is just a week away. A week away! So if you think your boyfriend or your husband is just clueless as to what to give you (aside from roses of course), you can just take him to Hoddy Depot.

 hobby depot

Fabric print paper tape stickers, photo corner stickers, and planner stickers. Cute and very affordable. 80php - 500php

hobby depot

I love this elegant pencil case or you can use it as make up pouch. So versatile. 400php.  

hobby depot

And how cute is this vintage airmail camera case pouch???? 600php
hobby depot

Wooden stamps. 500 - 1000php

hobby depot

Super cute memo pads, notebooks and planners.  185 - 600php

hobby depot

Try giving your coins a nice nice home with these triangle coin purse. 230php

You can get all these and more from Hobby Depot - the new cute business of my very cute friend Lloyda Lim Tan. 


Wella Daynne said...

Awww. Cuteness overload!♥


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Love the post! SO many ideas!

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Gela said...

everything's so cuuuuute! they're very Lloyda. :)

will definitely check Hobby Depot out for gift ideas!

boat ride through the sky

fern cruz said...

They are so cute! I really like vintage stuffs, they'll bring back childhood memories in my head whenever I see those. Back to valentines gift ideas, it is very convenient to buy gifts such as flowers and chocolates that are available online. See some of the affordable deals here. Valentines Gift Deals


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