February 20, 2012

Life and Blogging According To Iphone

Bond of brothersDetails
Koffy hates his monthly check up. Another blood extraction.Unlike yesterday, he's extra sweet today. Give him a kiss will yah?
Sometimes even the freshest morning air just couldn't fix a grumpy baby.Shirts don't lie
Poor dogToday is not my favorite day. But i like my boots.
The mug i got last vday.WOWsaaaa!
Yllac is singing... Okay, you don't believe me. Look at the vein on his neck.This breaks my heart into a million pieces. Koffy's in pain and he's under medication. He's crying to sleep so he gets a massage from daddy.
You know you're extra stylish when your shirt matches the wall.Our local pastry shop has the best rotti
"new" thrift cowboy bootsYey! This is the second time this wk yllac picked food and put it in his mouth. Yay!!!! This is mayj!

This week hasn't been completely good. But still, id like to think that we did well as a family. Some things are heartbreaking to go into details. Like our dear Koffy who spent the entire week under new medication and i find myself crying from time to time thinking about him.(who cries here while eating popcorn and watching a comedy tv show?) But it feels good after crying myself to Jayson and heard him say it's gonna be okay. And i believe him. Especially after saying lots of prayers every hour of the day, it surprisingly gave me peace and a reminder that God is in control of everything in our daily lives. But of course there are so much things to be thankful for. For the second time last week Yllac actually picked up food and put it in his mouth. Yey! He never does that. And he sang (more like shout and scream) a lot more this week. Soothing to the ears. c",)

and oh, you know what, internet and blogging is a funny thing.

It can be amazing, inspiring, a help, an outlet and it's a place where you feel less alone where you find people who seem more like you and makes you wanna do better. 

but sometimes it's not.

We're all different. We have different views on marriage, family, raising babies and blogging and basically, life. So that being said, it made me strongly feel that I don't have to feel bad  if I don't feel the same way with someone in the internet or even in real life. That is okay. I hope you're okay with that too. This blog is my little space in the vast world of the internet. A little story of my life....our lives. A love letter to my husband and Yllac and Koffy and someday to our baby girl. It may not always be a happy one. Real life is full of ups and downs but id like to see what's good and inspiring and i personally choose to make our journey here a positive one. 

Happy Monday everyone. Smile!!!!


Pinay Mommy Online said...

Sagot dyan - "Walang basagan ng trip!"

Enjoy blogging lang Sis! Continue blogging no matter what they say.

Anyway, you have a cute blog here. ^_^

eyerin said...

Comment on ur own blog na lang wag na sa blog nya.... binabasa mo naman blog nya eh kunwari ka pa. dame ko gusto itype pero wag na lang baka kung ano pa maisulat ko...para ito sa nagcomment sa blog mo

Mom Daughter Style said...

wow, im blown away by that comment.

I don't think your tuhod is maitim.and if it is, who cares?Maybe it is cultural? Kasi nung nasa Pinas ako I get very conscious about every detail. Maliit ako, maitim ang tuhod ko , sobrang kapal ang buhok ko etc. which is true. I ended up too conscious that I don't even try kasi baka sabihin nila...(you know what I mean) I learned that you should feel good about yourself. Be positive about other people and you'll feel happier.

maraming mas chubby pa sa atin pero they do fashion blogs. sabi nga nila real people,real mommies, real fashion! Fashion is for everyone. yun iba nga napupublish pa sa fashion magazines, including you before. Maraming models din ang black with black knees. =)

take care! Your baby is getting bigger and cute as always.

Binti said...

Having a fashion blog is not a crime,blogging is an amazing experience,you learn,meet,talked to people from the whole world you share what you learn,know with people and as well we learn too.Everybody can make a blog :travel,food,fashion.
As for me I enjoy reading your posts,and recently I really like your DIY,it's not because you like someone else blog that you consider this blogger as "GOD".We're all human after all,I wish a long life to your blog keep doing your thing you have a cute family don't care what people say,you're doing nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every morning, you are such an inspiration, keep on doing what you are doing. I kinda relate to you, I am crafty, I buy clothes from thrift shops from time to time and I am a Christian and a mom of 2 wonderful boys. I thinking of writing my own blog soon.

(malungkot lang siguro childhood nung nag-comment na yun hehe)

Anonymous said...

I meant, I am thinking of writing my blog soon..

Mommy Pehpot said...

and I may not comment always but you know I adore you as well as your blog :)

more power Den!

sittie rainie limba said...

OMG! maitim din ang tuhod ko at lalong mataba ako!!!!! waaahhhh keri keri lng yan no! and oohhhh so goodnesss... ala ko care! I ADORE Denise Katipunera for the rest of my blogging life! SAGAD! hahahaha bcoz of you ate den I started blogging and sobra sumikat ako sa buong hospital.. sa lamao.. sa lahat.. kaya patok na patok ang Ukay business ko! SMILE ate den! Godbless =D

Denise said...

@binti - thank you so much. instances like these, you remind me that i have more friends here than people who don't like me.

Denise said...

@anonymous 10:18 - blog soon please. we need more christian mommies who blog.

thank you.

donnacollado said...

Assuming w/out really accepting that you have "maitim na tuhod" Mommy Den, MAITIM NAMAN BUDHI NYA!!! bleh ;)

mathea said...

ako maitim din tuhod ko, and so what? baka "she" has no tuhod at all hahaha...just enjoy blogging!

tinker belle :) said...

LOL at that one who made that comment.;) That's why blogging is powerful because it is not limited to celebrities and "perfect" people only. It shows us snapshots and glimpses of everyday life by people around us. :) 50 years from now, Ms. Denise, your blog will be a very good historical source for those who will be writing the social history of this time and the Philippines. This is also written from by a highly educated person. hahahaha! That comment was hilarious!

tinker belle :) said...

Ay, I meant "written by a highly educated person." hahaha pinatulan talaga! ;)

Bubby's Mummy said...

Haters gonna hate. Every self respecting blog/blogger has haters. You know you've made it as a blogger when you get them. It just comes with putting yourself out there. The fact that you put the comment on your blog without getting personal says a lot about you. I wonder where the commenter received her 'education'. For the record, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the outfits you wear because that's not my personal style BUT I always look forward to your outfit posts. I truly appreciate your fashion sense even if it's the polar opposite to mine. Keep doing what you're doing, readers will keep reading, haters will keep hating. That's life, enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

nakakaloka!denise is just like us. why do you give her so much time? i respect your opinion denise, but respect mine too. Hindi porke hindi ako agree sa iyo masama na yung comment ko. Sinasabi ko lang ang totoo.

if we are all educated here why do you give credit to this blogger na hindi naman qualified to talk about fashion? she's so baduy. bakit ka magsosoot ng scarf dito ang init sa Pilipinas. hahhahahahahahahaha.

I am DONE agruing with lowlife.

goodluck to you denise.

Anonymous said...

eyerin wala akong blog at wala akong balak mag start. i have a life.

Anonymous said...

sa lahat nagsasabi maitim budhi ko. atleasy HONEST ako. kayo? give you're encouragement to people whom deserve them.

Anonymous said...

for the record i am a NOT a hater. I am HONEST. HINDI rin ako inggit. hindi porke opposite ako sa inyo HATER na agad? be responsible sa comment , kaya umaakyat sa ulo ng mga blogger na yan ang yabang. DAhil sa mga papuri nyo. Pwede ba. Please lang.

Anonymous said...

Advice lang denise, hindi ka ba natatakot sa pagboblog mo ng family mo? You have no privacy. this people you call your friends are strangers pa rin sa iyo. If i were you i will private coming from a very private person.

Bubby's Mummy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bubby's Mummy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm not going to defend Denise, she can do that for herself not that she needs to justify her activities to anybody least of all an 'anonymous'. There's being honest and then there's learning to just keep your 'opinions' to yourself. By the way, pointing out Denise's 'maitim na tuhod' is not an opinion, it's an insult. It's not honesty, it's slander.

I didn't realise you had to have a degree in fashion to be able to talk about it. As for being 'baduy' it's all subjective, is it not? Perhaps you are in fact a fashion expert with a doctorate in Fashion Dictatorship or whatever, would you dare call the movers and shakers in the top echelons of the fashion world such as Grace Coddington (who seems always in mourning in her black drab outfits) and Vivienne Westwood (who never looks any less than crazy) baduy? Even Kate Middleton cops flack for being too safe in her fashion sense. While we're at it Her Royal Highness of High Fashion Anna Wintour, while always impeccably dressed, can be considered quite boring. I just made a commentary on the fashion world yet I've no fashion credentials. Are you going to burn me too?

That Denise is 'just like us' makes her even more endearing. We can relate to her. She's no credible fashion guru (sorry Denise) but she's an ordinary person having fun with fashion. I don't think anyone here idolizes her. I don't think she's arrogant or conceited and I don't really care if she is. I still like her blog. Why do you care so much anyway?

You give your encouragement to people you think are deserving and let us do what we will with ours, thank you very much!

Your comment about haters is directed at me. I am careful with what I say. I meant exactly what I said. I used the term 'hater' as a meme, of course:

"Hater (n.):

A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. Instead of giving acknowledgment in courtesy, a hater often pursues his/her point by exposing a flaw in the target subject. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn’t really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse [sic] down a notch."
Sourced from http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/haters-gonna-hate

Perhaps you are not well versed in pop culture?

I too wear a scarf even on a 30 degree day and I wear skirts even when it's 15 degrees outside because I want to. What you fail to understand is that fashion doesn't have to make sense. It's anything goes. It's self expression. If you don't like it, don't look at it.

Enjoy your life!

leonajane said...

i just have to say that Denise is great friend. Yes, I came to know her through blogging, but I can say she's one of my few great finds online and i intend to keep her as my friend kahit ang fashion statement nya mag trancend na sa granny diapers.

Beyb, better work on your photoshop na kase or wear knee pads na! LOL! i love you Denise! i guess your readers should understand what "katipunera" means? let's burn the phone lines again! please?

tinker belle said...

Well said, Bubby's Mommy! ;)

Hi Anonymous! You just made Denise Katipunera's blog doubly exciting! Her blogging is dynamic and vibrant as it is but you just proved that it is powerful as well to elicit such strong emotions from you. C'est La Vie! ;)Have a good "fashionable" week! lol!

eyerin said...

To anonymous!

kasinungalingan! kung masaya ka basahin mo . kung hindi umalis ka tapos. this is her home. visitors are welcome with pleasant personality. if u will comment then write it in a nice way. hindi yung insulto. bitch. at wag anonymous. may tinatago ka ba?


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