February 16, 2012

DIY. Dye Your Own Two Tone Shirt

diy two tone shirt, pink and orange shirt, how to dye a shirt

I know it looks a bit complicated, but i promise this diy needed no chemistry expertise. Super easy in fact. But this project can get pretty hot though.


Of course you need a dye, any kind. This Venus dye (really cheap, 27php a pack of 3) is the only one available in my hometown so i have these in many colors just in case....the world ends again. c",)

I cooked another shirt today....

you need a cotton white shirt or any light colored shirt. Make sure to rinse it with water first and tie around an elastic band as a guide on where the two colors should meet. Dissolve the dye in boiling water, then add 4 spoonfull of rock salt for every gallon of water and stir well. I used 3 packs for orange and 6 packs for pink. Dip half of the shirt for ten minutes or more in the boiling solution. This could get hot so it's better to wear gloves if you have one.

I hope you're hungry for an orange

Rinse the shirt until water runs colorless. Then adjust the elastic band. 

Honeeeeey, dinner is ready. Orange and pink. (outfit post tomorrow)

Cook the other end of the shirt for another ten minutes or so depending on how strong you want your colors to be. Rinse well with the band still wrapped, wait till the water runs clear. Let it dry. And when it's 90% dry, iron it right away. 

diy two tone shirt, pink and orange shirt, how to dye a shirt

And that's how you make your own two tone shirt. Easy right?

Have a great day everyone!


Honey Andrade said...

BOOKMARKED FOREVER!!! Been wanting to do this sa shorts ko but you look cute in your photo! So parang gusto ko syang i-try din sa polo. Hahaha! I'll let you know.. Maghahanap muna ako ng dye. :P Thank you for this!! ♥

Glenn Encinares said...

wow ang ganda, nice idea :)

I'm Apple said...

ganda. i like to try it. inspiring ka tlg as always.

Anonymous said...

anyone can do this. duh.

Anonymous said...

See? anybody can do "Anonymous" comments!! duh!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is brilliant! I recently bought some Venus dyes and I was afraid of trying it because it seemed...too complicated! But reading this OMG. You just totally inspired and motivated me to go on with it! :D

Anonymous said...

where did you buy your dye?


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