February 27, 2012

DIY Gold Bangles

diy gold bangles and cuff,

I am no King Midas but I managed to turn some of my old bangle and that bronze cuff my husband gave me a long time ago into gold using a gold spray paint of course. c",)

diy gold bangles and cuff,

You will need a can of spray paint. And here, I used a tape to give some of the bangles a different pattern. Spray from a good distance and wait for a couple of minutes to dry for second or third coat.

diy gold bangles and cuff,

After drying, i then wrapped around a green and orange yarn to one of the bangle for a more summer look.

I hope you liked this easy and fun and cheap diy to give your old accessories a new fresh look.

Have fun everyone. Enjoy your day.


charmie tamba said...

hmnnn nice idea! i cant use some of my bangles anymore kasi natatanggal na paints nila... di ko to naisip in fairness hehehe nice nice!

Anonymous said...

you are loosing your rich readers with all of your do it yourself. i like it but confusing me much. Are you a fashion blogger, mommy blogger? show some focus.

Anonymous said...

siyempre you cant think of doing this because old accessories, chip of are thrown to the garbage can. Mahal pa ang spray paint. duh!

Hazel said...

I love gold accessories! nice DIY :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Another awesome idea! I love doing DIY projects too because it makes us personalize things to our own taste. We can get satisfaction from DIY projects that is worth far more than the money we save. Reusing and recycling is good.

P.S. I like all your posts whether it's about being a mom, about fashion or DIY projects. You have great pictures! Thanks for sharing.


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