February 16, 2012

I.Made.This.Top.Please Adore It.

DIY Two tone (orange and pink) shirt
DIY Two tone (orange and pink) shirt
DIY Two tone (orange and pink) shirt
DIY Two tone (orange and pink) shirt
DIY Two tone (orange and pink) shirt

Yup! It's another dye job and sooooo happy with it. I bought a cheap white shirt a week ago worth 150php and in my mind I was thinking of this top I am wearing right now.

I love making things. I love the thrill of it all. Sometimes it takes a little muscle and labor to do one project, but i find it really satisfying, every bit of it. But Im telling you how much am fighting boredom in waiting and sometimes while in the middle of a process of a project. How can you be bored while doing something? It's weird. 

Right this time in my life, honestly, I need to do something id be proud of. I need to challenge myself more because I know i can do better. And most of all am bored with everything about me. I want something new this year and i believe that it's never too late for that. 

And i can't imagine the fulfillment it brought me each finished project. Each time i finish my work i often ask Jayson's opinion and boy, there's my first reward, the look on his face as he admire it as well.

Anyway, aren't we all like that? Don't we really enjoy doing something well, whatever it is? Not all of us are designers, composers of great music, or architects of beautiful buildings, sculptors, or painters, but i believe that we are all craftsmen. All of us appreciate doing our work well. 

And this is my happy thing. I can buy something like this in a department store or someone else can do it for me but I won't find any particular satisfaction on how the colors turned out. I won't ask my husband's opinion about it. It's not the same. And at the end of every day I can say to myself, "another good job done by me". Which for me, that phrase expresses the connection i feel to the truly good things in life through work. DIY work.

top: diy
shorts and purse: Sm dept. store
"Mandy" wedges: Shoe Etiquette
necklace: Quiapo


Anagon =) said...

Ganda ombre!!! :D Inggit me I want to diy nadin! :))

charmie tamba said...

nice! :-) gusto ko din gumawa gawa... kasama sa 2012 dreams ko e matutong manahi hehehe.... more diys!!! :D

JoanaMarie H. said...

Pretty! i want one!


Ann said...

Very Nifty Projects Ms. Denise! I've been thinking of doing that to my white pants naman,=D

Anonymous said...

ang itim lang ng tuhod. ur still chubby from pregnancy no?

Anonymous said...

konting edukasyon please!!!

seriously said...

to anonymous: whatever.

i am a very educated person. And honest and most of all frank. marami kasi sa mga bloggers na yan sobrang feeling. They think they're special, pretty. Hindi porke may blog ka at marami kang followers feeling mo sikat ka na. I have nothing against Denise. Totoo namang maitim tuhod nya. Agree ka? mataba din sya. Agree ka? I don't think that we should idolize these bloggers because they are like us. nadadaan lang sa make up at photoshop at ka feelingan. i like Denise i just don't think she should do a fashion blog. Mag mommy blog na lang sya.

sigh said...

so love your diy project!
nice color combo

eyerin said...

to anonymous....show us ur perfect you...


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