March 15, 2013

33 Thoughts Today On My 33rd Birthday...

  1. i don't know what a netflix is.
  2. i am a recovering coke-aholic for almost 10 days now.
  3. i wanna take back all those times I didn't nap when i was a kid. 
  4. i hate arguing especially when I know I am wrong. But I argue anyway.
  5. i just saw someone on "people you may know" on facebook and realized i used to be friends with them, so it seems they have secretly defriended me at some point in time? and i am like, why god why? 
  6. I can't tell the difference between boredom and hunger.
  7. when i was in high school i was pretty sure id be a millionaire on my mid 30s. 
  8. those perfume sheets in magazine?- they all smell the same to me. But i know that POISON smells BAD.
  9. women love to have their opinions solicited. Makes them feel like what they have got to say actually matters. doesn't matter if you take their advice. Just listen and nod from time to time.
  10. the first thing I do when i receive a new starbucks mug - practice-sip. Always. Yum. The air i sip is hot and creamy. Not too sweet. Just perfect.
  11. motherhood to me, is like Dickens once said...  "It was the Best of times, it was the worst of times". ; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair; we had everything before us, we had nothing before us; we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the other way." - And I mean that literally. 
  12. right now, I am reading Gone Girl. I am on the chapter when the girl just disappeared. 
  13. the only way you are going to keep sharp is to read and write every day.
  14. yesterday, while Yllac was taking a public shower on our lawn he slipped and fell on his bum. He cried so I picked him up. But it was too late because he was already directing his anger at me. Know what? The day your child says he hates you (and i know every child will go through the phase. I did!) it kicks like a foot in your stomach. With thick boots on. Mom, Dad, sorry for kicking in your stomachs.
  15. it is always nice to have someone to keep secrets with. It is always so ever delicious.
  16. Jayson never once questioned the clothes I wore or my waistline or my hair. He is someone whose eyes simply said, without words, You are fine with me.  
  17. i spent most of my time right now trying not to sweat so much. 
  18. my motto on housekeeping - when in doubt, wash it.
  19. my Mom once said to me, women shouldn't marry before 28. She married my Dad at 20. I agree with her. I did get married at 28 year, 1 month and 10 days old. 
  20. fact. Grown women don't want men with little boy names. 
  21. i feel weird talking on the phone with someone beside me. I always walk away somewhere where I can be alone. Imagine a urinal. You're trying to take a pee and some dude comes in  and starts using the urinal right next to you. Not that I tried one....but i am sure it feels like that.
  22. i haven't been to any Opera. Okay, to some maybe. I know that people sing really really loud in Latin, and in the end, someone always dies. 
  23. conjoined pimples are the worst.
  24. i am 100% responsible for my own happiness. It is a state of mind, cultivated by my choices and habits, not by things. It's like living inside a happy bubble. You looked crazy, but at least you are happy.
  25. my relationship with Jayson is one of the most important elements of my happiness. It establishes the atmosphere in our home. So a kiss in the morning and kiss at night, no matter how harassed our morning or how weary the evening, every morning and every night, we kiss. He is my husband after all, not my room mate. It's just impossible to get mad at each other when you just kissed.
  26. i will color my hair black next week.
  27. i paint my own nails. Just cut, trim and paint. My fingers are burgundy. My toes are half black and half natural color of nails. I have a one month old pedicure.
  28. i will list more items on my shop on the next following days. In a perfect world, my internet is not stupid and my computer is smart.
  29. this post is becoming too difficult. I don't have as many thoughts as i thought.    
  30. I became a mom when I was 30. Best year of my life.
  31. I don't know anyone named Max. Just dogs. But I know a boxer dog named Denise.
  32. This blog is called Denise Katipunera. My name is Denise Lozada. I met a few people thinking my last name is Katipunera. They think I have the coolest surname and I don't correct them. I hate correcting people. 
  33. This morning Jayson and I were talking over breakfast. It was a pretty serious talk over a very serious subject. aka our life. c",) Can't tell you what it is about but I can tell you that this husband of mine fixes my coffee every morning. Restores my computer and cellphone every time i break them. Every marriage is a work in progress, and we've had unavoidable bumps, like everyone else. But there is no question that my life is fuller, happier, funnier and filled with generosity and love simply because I am married to him. I am thankful for him on a daily basis. I am glad today I get to be alive and turn faaaaa-reaking 33 with him and Yllac. 
Yay! I am 33 today. 

So I was thinking, this is a cool birthday tradition i will continue to do till I am a hundred. c",) I hope you're up for that every year. 

I wish you a great great great day and thank you for being here with me today.


Candycane said...


I reaqlly enjoyed reading your 33 posts - they were fun, informataive and you shared cute thoughts and feelings!

Hope you have a great day!

Love Sal x

sittie rainie limba said...

Happy Birthday Idol Denise Katipunera :) more shoes to come!!!

Ann said...

Congratulations! (I already know it's a happy Bday hehe)

I esp. loved Nos. 6 , 9, 13, 24.

And oh...whether you like it or not---I really look up to you. You're one kick-ass woman =D...

Aimee Diego said...

Happy 33rd birthday! :-)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Yay, happy birthday to us, Denise! :)

Binti said...

Happy 33rd birthday Denise :D

Jayson Lozada said...

Wonderful post! Im just thrilled for us turning 60. =)
oh, im just glad yllac got your smile.. The most beatiful smile ive seen in the whole wide world! I love you!
- your numero uno fanatico

cherx said...

Out of the 20+ blogs am stalking, yours is on my top three. Keep writing. Belated happy birthday Ms Denise!

mitch said...

Loved reading this post, happy birthday denise and have an awesome day ahead.

vengieric said...

happy 33rd Ms. Denise!!!
have a blast!!!
may God bless you more...

i like #21... so me... =)

Denise Lozada said...

@candycane: thank you sally. We've been blogging friends since two or 3 years ago. I love that we are still here.

@sittie: thank you sittie girl.

@ann: hahaha. salamat ann.

@aimee: thanks a bunch aimee!

@dressing up for me: yes!!!! happy birthday to you too. How's Spain?

@binti: thanks a lot!

@jayson: i love you most

@cherx: oh! thank you so much. I hope i won't disappoint you. c",)

@mitch: thank you. have a great day!

@vengieric: salamat! urinal? hahaha. i know right?

Pie said...

Happy Birthday Denise =) you're one amazing writer and also these heartfelt posts in your blog.


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