March 31, 2013

This Holy Week...

This week I started a little project, where i tried my best to snap at least one photo a day to document our life here around our home. No reason....It's just that everything seems happening at a speedy phase and I'm afraid I'm gonna forget. So this week we kept our camera out of its dry box and put it in a place where we can easily grab it, and  I cannot believe how much memories we've captured in a single day. So I am thanking you in advance for letting me share a little of our family moments with you... here they are.

Warning: I know, I said one photo a day....i lied!

This Holy Week
This Holy Week
This Holy Week

Yllac officiated a wedding between two dogs. The ceremony took about less than 3 minutes. There was a lot of babbling - must be dog language I don't understand and then Yllac said (in dog lingo too), "you may now kiss the dogs". And Yllac kissed the dogs. Seriously my heart was melting the whole time I was watching him. Ah, the perks of a mama...

Untitled-4 was all about puzzles and Yllac wearing my shoes around our home. 

This Holy Week

... blocks as train.

This Holy Week shoes again. I even saw him pull out this pair. He likes green as of the moment.

crab bread

...we ate this huge crab bread. YUM!

This Holy Week
This Holy Week
This Holy Week

my diy silver toe cap heels matches the ceiling of the coffee house here in Bataan where we met up with this young lady.  

This Holy Week
This Holy Week
This Holy Week

my boys...

This Holy Week

my ham and cheese sandwich. If you're in dentures, stay away from this one. Cheese on top of the sandwich and fake teeth is a bad combo. JUst make sure that your denture glue is stickier than this cheese. c",)


...our healthy-healthy pasta. Jayson's favorite. Instead of an ordinary pasta I used whole wheat spaghetti. This is easy to prepare, just saute a can of whole peeled tomatoes, pesto mix and slices of grilled chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil and toss the pasta. That's it.  

How was your holy week? Hope it's a good one.

also this week was my mom's birthday. I love you mom. We love you. Wishing you all the best, but mostly good health. Happy birthday! 

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