March 6, 2013

Care For Some Oxblood???


You know what's awesome? - some weird name evolution about the color of the top I am wearing. I do remember it being called maroon when I was in grade school  You know that kind of red so dark, it's almost dubbed as  unhappy red. And then after some time, people think that calling it maroon becomes so uncool and boring so they changed it to wine. Yup! Like a drunken version of red. And now after being unhappy for a long time and eventually turning to wine for comfort, well, what-do-yah-know because nothing ever worked for this color, it has become so violent it murdered an innocent ox.....

And now you have it as Oxblood. (ew)

poor ox.

-the end.

top and shorts: thrift
shoes (old):
bag: Wade
necklace: Sm Accessories


Anagon =) said...

AHHAHA! Maroon, tapos meron pang Brickwall sa Crayola, and also Burgundy (nga ba!? ;p)... Ang ccreative ng mga tao! :D

Denise Lozada said...

@Anagon: pwede rin Dinuguan. c',)

Aimee Diego said...

Hahaha. I can totally relate!

When people started addressing the color as Oxblood my brain couldn't wrap around it. Yun naman pala, maroon lang siya. haha.

Sweet said...

hahahaha meron na akong color for being dramatic at kapag nag iinarte ako... OXBLOOD na ang tawag ko dyan....kahit na maroon...

miss you love...



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