March 23, 2013

Lunch + Happy Weekend + Popeye...


We had a bowl of left over rice yesterday and you know by now that we are the meanest of rice people. Nothing goes to waste, everything must be eaten (my father used to farm).
So this is our lunch.  It's very easy. Just a teaspoon of olive oil + sausage + onion + lotsa lotsa garlic + red bell pepper + celery + lotsa lotsa diced tomatoes + spinach + about two cups of rice = lunch. 
-the end!
Tell me, what did you have for lunch? Happy weekend guys. 


I love spinach and whenever I am having spinach I can't help but think of Popeye. My mom used to use Popeye on me as a good example to eat my vegetables. Know what? he is a vegetarian who uses his pipe to dope spinach and has a girlfriend with eating disorder. I don't care. I love Popeye.
Popeye you're my hero!

1 comment:

Mode Junkie said...

i always make sinangag with our left over rice as well. obviously yours is fancier. i just add eggs and sausage and i call it a day!

miss you lady!!


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