August 31, 2010

Knit It Is

Knit Dress
Knit Dress
Knit Dress
Knit Dress

Told yah. This is the knit dress I got from the thrift store last summer that slightly resembles the previous inspirational photos from Fashiontoast. I wore this earlier today to test drive its warming power. Not that it's snowing here or anything, but my poor third world sweaty armpit gets cold come rainy season. So am just excited to wear this out and show it off to you. 

So what do you think? Can this dress pass for a good knock-off?

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dress: thrift
shoes: VNC
bangle: Quiapo
hat: borrowed from Husband
necklace: from Hong Kong


Gela said...

great sweater! almost did a double take w/ the one from Fashiontoast. it looks so good on you! and aww, your tummy's really showing now, Denise! so excited for you. :)

boat ride through the sky

Ruxandra said...

Hello Denise!It looks absolutely adorable on you!I would love to have something like that, I think it is quite casual and easy to wear.

Baśka said...

i've already written here about your impressive shoes collection and today i'm writing about all your awesome necklaces! :)
this sweater is totally great :)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

it does look like the one rumi of fashiontoast is wearing!!!:) you look gorgeous denise. can't wait to meet you tom!)

Ann said...

it's almost the same!=)
Good thing you bought that Denise---look how gorg. you are in it!=)

toxic disco boy said...

see you tonight! ^^ mwah!

Mia said...

Love Love Love the outfit Denise :)

itahl said...

hi denise.. is your baby a girl? 'Coz you look so pretty..

It looks exactly like Fashiontoast knitted dress.. :)

VintageBELAmour said...

you look super cute :)


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