October 15, 2010


ruffle and pink belt
ruffle and pink belt

Am dreading my Labor day. It just occurred to me that in order to be a mommy, I need to have a baby and in order to produce a baby It doesn't just start and stop at pregnancy, I have in fact have to push a baby when the time comes. Suddenly am afraid. Suddenly I wanted to stay pregnant forever. Suddenly am a chicken. Suddenly days are passing like a flash. Everything seem so fast. 

I know am strong. Like each time i visit my dermatologist to have that annoying pimple injection from time to time - It is always painful. No matter how many times it done on me, it is always painful. My hands would sweat, my armpit sweats too, my body temperature rises, and involuntary tears striking down my face. But I always come out alive and swearing not to do that again. 

So right now that's my motivation. Labor is just like pimple injection, only one million times painful....I think am gonna die. 

Is there a mommy out there? please convince me that if you can do it, I can do it too.

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top: thrift (seen worn here)
skirt: thrift (seen worn here)
shoes: So FAB
bag: Leaveland
ring and bangle : Forever 21


Anonymous said...

The baby is God's gift to you. He believes you can deliver that baby and so you will. Just think about the baby and you'll realize that you're braver than you imagine. :)

I'll pray for you..


Denise said...

hi Denise! I am a young mom,it's true that labor is painful,but you can do it!I promise!:)JUST HOLD A ROSARY AND PRAY while you are on the process.I will pray for you!:)

Anonymous said...

hi denise,dont worry kaya mo yan! basta pray lang po.. ako nga db nka-apat na.. i gave birth to gia when i was only 18,pero ndi nman ako gaanung natakot nun kse i know ndi ako papabayaan ni GOD.. saka laging nasa tabi ko nun si tonio,mas mukang sya pa nga ang mahihimatay sa nerbyos sa twing manganganak ako,heheh.. saka ung pain eh normal lang un,ganun talaga.. mas masakit nga ung saken ksi palaging induced delivery.. ok basta pray lang palagi.. take care!


VintageBELAmour said...

you look super great!!! I like the top :)

shaui said...

Hi Denise,

I just came back to work after my maternity leave. And it meant being ex-communicado for more than two months (I gave birth via CS). Sorry I never got the chance to return your comment.

I know how you are feeling. Been there. I'm sure every mom-to-be has to go through all the flooding of emotions. I was scared like hell when I reached my third trimester. But being afraid and nervous are valid feelings. Just stay healthy!

What I actually did was sign up for a birthing class and that made me less fretful. It's sort of calming when you know what to do when you have episodes of heartburn, or when your face and feet swells like they're gonna burst, or when you feel like vomiting at yourself at the smell of something irritating. But mostly it's reassuring to know that you can learn what you need to when the D-Day comes. Of course you ask for tips from dear mom but if you're interested in a birthing class, try chiqui brosas hahn's class. I never get to practice what I learned in her class because I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and had to deliver earlier than scheduled via CS. That was a bummer because I preapred for a normal birth. But its a different feeling when you are "armed" with facts and knowledge. It somehow makes birthing magical rathen than a scary experience, CS or normal.

Enjoy being pregnant! You'll miss your beautiful bump when baby is finally out. And have your hubby beside you always. your partner's presence will always give you that extra boost of confidence and braveness.


daisychain said...

I'm not a mother, but I KNOW you can do this x

Rose said...

Aww sorry to hear your having those feelings. Im sure when I have a bub one day I will be terrified of the pain too. But like you said, once the baby is out hopefully you will soon forget it.
Your still looking beautiful in that pretty outfit.


Lloyda said...

denise! kayang kaya mo yan! :) even though it will be painful the outcome is something wonderful! having your little baby in your arms fir the 1st time is an experience. lapit ka na to give birth! are you planning to breastfeed?

Kookie B. said...

we have the same top! ang galing! super love the tiered maxi skirt!!! love, love!

Fashionista said...

you're pregnant and congrats! i know you can :)
btw, you look amazing on those picture.
wanna exchange link? or follow each other?
xo, Lorine

Mrs E said...

Hello. Your fears are understandable. We all want to avoid pain and unpleasantness. As a mom of six, the strength and ability WILL be there, WHEN you need it, and not months, weeks, or a moment before. Stop worrying, and enjoy your pregnancy!

pehpot said...

Denise you can do it.. I did i 4x.. if I can do for sure you can!

WendyB said...

One word: epidural!

Et said...

hi,there!my dearest friend of course you can do it. its just nothing to you I know, mas duwag at masakitin ako sayo but i gave birth 2X now!see Im still alive. Believe me all the pains will be wash out as the very soonest you see your little angle.and everything will be great and wonderful when you get to hold him! i love you dear!we all wish for your safe delivery soon!I miss you so much my dear sister!


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