October 28, 2010

What Big Nose You Have

big nose

32nd week nose and bump

So this is how i look now. 

big, red hard nose? check!
big butt? check!
big round tummy? check check check! 
big feet and hands and legs? check!
swollen cheek? super check!
missing feet? check!
just big allover???? check-ke-kek!
and my favorite of all, big boobies??? check! finally. 

It seems like yesterday that am so impatient to see my bump grow big like a real pregnant lady should have. Am on my 32nd week now and the baby grew practically overnight. One day I woke up and felt heavier than usual. It's nice to think about the day we finally got to meet this little person inside me. I wanna hear those precious words... "congratulations, it's a baby boy, or it's a baby girl!!!!". We just want a baby for Christmas that's all.

Anyway here I am, finally sitting down for the first time since...... the last post, in front of my laptop thinking what to say. And again, we're so busy going from place to place, pigging out, and doing a lot for the coming baby. I've got so many photos to share and if one day i woke up on the wrong side of the bed i might share photos of my parents. Am a little shy when it comes to them. All I can say is that, when we're together we're a crazy bunch. They keep me energized and they won't leave me alone. I sent them away this morning so am able to do my thing, finally. Honestly, I missed you. I love all the emails and followings i received since my absence. It was so sweet. Don't worry about me, the baby's still inside me. He/she has still a lot more growing to do for the next 8 weeks. And I need more time. We're anxious, excited, afraid, and more anxious and happy and more afraid but really excited as the day comes. I don't feel prepared enough honestly, so we'll just wait for the baby and see how we rate as parents. 

Have an amazing week everyone. God Bless.


Sister Wolf said...

You look beautiful.

Rose said...

Awww Denise, you still look lovely.
And your bump sure has grown.


Ann said...

ur my idol.
Someday, when I get pregnant, I will be like you. Most women will complain about getting "bigger", but reading ur blog has taught me that there is always a good thing in anything. and getting bigger boobies (for almost flat-chested me) is definitely a check! ^^,

gladi said...

For a moment there, I thought you gave birth already. Like that time Christine Dychiao "disappeared" briefly from her blog because Berry arrived. :p Nice to have you back!

Pammy said...

Denise, you still look really cute! :P

Anonymous said...

You look, well, healthy :-) Congrats, Denise.

♥ mae ♥ said...

ahahaha... i laugh at the big boobies part! :D

Anonymous said...

Yaayy! Im excited for you ! :)

Rocio said...

You're doing great=) Later all anxiety will go away when you see and hold your baby. I will also give birth to my 1st in the next few weeks. I'm pretty much in the same mode as you. Pregnancy is awesome=)

Samantha said...

Aww you look cute :)


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