October 16, 2010

Dream Dream Dream Whenever I Want You

october british vogue
october british vogue
october british vogue
october british vogue
october british vogue
october british vogue

British Vogue October issue

Men are visual creatures. So am I. I like pretty girls and boys in pretty clothes, witty girls that acts on what they say and feisty girls that has legs and big brains. Am not a boob person, but i like big butts. Even on men. But I don't like bulging muscle and ripped abs. I think they look like frogs. Just saying.

Anyway, am so sorry for saying those things. It's unrelated, but sometimes you just can't help but say things that pops on your mind. And this morning my head is just bursting with stupid thoughts. I think it's better that way than not thinking at all right? 

So those photos above, they're gorgeous. It's a simple picture but it sure took me to that dreamy place.

Have a great weekend everyone! Keep the inspiration coming. 


KD faustino said...

oh i love this! <3

Roan said...

I don't like muscled men too! They horrify me haha.

Take care!

Roan, The Explosive Orange

20 York Street said...

I know it's a bit shallow to say but its very true, men are visual creatures that you can't really re-design that architecture! =(

p.s. JoAnn of Sidewalk Chalk recommended your blog to me, I love it!


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