November 18, 2010

Bee Butt Tummy

bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy

Yesterday my husband can't help himself but say I look like a bee. That was genuinely insensitive of him. Honest, but very brutal. Anyway we laughed. He's right. I have become Jollibee.

Truth is i am big. Really really big. I never thought my belly could stretched out like this, or any belly for that matter. But there's a feeling of certain magic and power being pregnant. You're basically creating a person, a life inside you and that's really magical. 

That's superhuman. So Ill continue to parade my bee-butt-belly as long as am sporting one. This won't last very long anymore. Soon Ill pop and am sure gonna miss it.

Heyniwaaay, women should rule the earth. Period. 

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jacket : Ralph Lauren, courtesy of Mom
dress: H&M, seen worn here 
shoes/wedges: Celine
bag: Folded and Hung
cross necklace: Quiapo


ana b. said...

Awww! Beautiful post, Denise. And you look beautiful. Not like a bee.

duckalicious said...

a very cute bee, that is! =)

daisychain said...

Denise you look simply incredible.

Smarla said...

I agree, women should rule the world. Hahahaha!

You still look great :)

hiven said...

you look so lovely x hivennn.

Yeshi said...

Hello Denise!

Are you from Cebu?
I saw someone who looks like you this morning. I'm not sure if it was you.

Denise said...

hello yeshi! wish am from Cebu. Always wanted to go there.

may bump din ba sya? hehehe.

Yeshi said...

haha! yes may bump din siya. Same hair, same almost everything I guess. Nung naka-sideview, I thought parang ikaw. Nung humarap na I got more convinced.

Oh well.. I hope you can visit Cebu indeed. I'm not originally from here but loving the place is effortless ;)

alannah. said...

this is such a great look! youre looking fabulous!
love the stripes, & those wedges are awesome too.x


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