November 17, 2010

Katipunera Giveaway - Love Belt (CLOSED)


Good news fellow Filipinas and sorry (for now) international readers. This week we have a sponsored giveaway for you from Highly Waisted Belts. YEY!

The talented belt maker, Clarice Teves - supplier of one-of-a-kind-belts at Chocolate Clothing Co. specifically in Trinoma and Galleria branches, graciously offers you one free LOVE belt, in the color of your choice. 

Isn't that swell????

All you have to do is visit her stores HERE and HERE, then follow her blog Highly Waisted Belts and just leave your name, email and location at my comment box and share to us what makes you feel loved most. Isn't it cheesy???? We all need cheesy in our lives once in a while. Trust me, you do.

I will announce the winner next Monday. Have a great day everyone!


Dominique said...

Name: Dominique Baniqued
Location: Isabela

Those days when my hair is a total mess and I almost look like a witch and my clothes look like that of a homeless person's and yet the boy I love the most doesn't mind holding my hands and kissing me in the forehead in front of everbody else like I'm the prettiest girl on Earth, that's when I feel loved the most! ^__^

Denise said...

LIKE. cheesy.....

more more!

AVA T. said...

Name: Ava Nicole Te
Location: Pasay

I feel most loved when my hubby would tell me that after almost 4 years of being together, he still loves me as much as he did the first time I said, "yes" to him and I can still see the glow in his eyes when he tells me this. He surprises me with flowers and tells me I'm pretty even though I'm just in my "pambahay." I love how he often cuddles me and tells me he loves me out of the blue. More over, he has proven to me that he's willing to fight for me no matter what. :)

Ann said...

Name: Ann Lazo
Location: Makati

I feel most loved on those times when the BF and I had a fight and I've been mean and I know I'm wrong and I've hurt him, yet he still hugs me and comfort me when I cry.
In short--he has loved me at my worst-worse way---and yes it's cheesy,^^, but it's the truth!=)

AnneVillegas said...

Anne Villegas
Antipolo, Manila

I feel loved most when I pray to God. It was when I surrender everything to Him; my heart, my family, my work, my friends, my everything. Whenever I pray, I feel that He's just there beside me, hugging me tightly and telling me that everything is okay. :)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

Email: drowningequilibriums[at]yahoo[dot]comLocation: Quezon City

I feel loved when I go to family gatherings and dinner coz I'm surrounded by people who genuinely love me and who I genuinely love!:)

DaMnViXeN said...

i feel the most loved when I wake up to delicious breakfasts personally prepared by a loved one. Its this little gestures that help me during the day that makes me feel cherished wanted and appreciated ^^

Isabeau Jane Gomez
isabeau_jane at
Cebu, City

Nina Lacson said...

Nina Beatrice Lacson

I feel most loved whenever someone hugs me! It is definitely the most overwhelmingly lovable gesture! Plus the fact that a hug releases oxytocin --HUG as gesture of love... releasing hormones of love! :)

Min said...

name : Min Viloria
location: Marikina City

I feel most loved everytime my daughter includes me in her prayers, and when she hug and kiss me, and tell me how much she love me..


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