November 1, 2010

Just A Happy Knocked Up Witch

happy witch
happy witch
happy witch
happy witch

Was thinking of wearing black lipstick and pointed black hat, but it's too much for the shock of my little town. Wearing black makes me feel so slim. But underneath it all am a whooping 61 kilograms of excitement, joy, happiness, love, fat, water and a gorgeous baby.

Happy Halloween everyone! What/who were you last night?

dress: thrift
shoes: Urge
bag: sorry, i forgot
necklace: Cuteture


kookie kulasa said...

gorgeous gorgeous pictures! and you're as fab as ever :)

Roan said...

That baby will be one happy witchlet! Take care :)

The Explosive Orange

Joanna said...

Fab pictures! Happy for you Denise. :)

Super Femme

Pammy said...

You're one lovely preggy withcie! :p

Lloyda said...

pretty denise!!!

fashionista fortune cookie

Jessica said...

lovely photos!! as well as you!! :) :)
gorgeous ^^

Kookie B. said...

the photos are so beautiful! and i love what you're wearing here. that black dress is simple yet striking.

Anonymous said...

hey denise..where's this place? it's beautiful! :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Fantastic photos! You look so blooming, feeling ko girl ang baby mo or boy ba?;)

Havn´t been actively posting in my travel blog. So busy with a lot of things lately.

Have a great week, Denise! :)

Emi said...

Your photos are gorgeous and I love that necklace! I love it so much I am going to get one too! Who takes your pictures?


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