November 9, 2010

Life In a Week

short and tight
green lights
foot relax
bamboo hoops
kuya koffy
  • Everything in my closet feels so tight and short now these days. This calls for a real shopping. It's about time.
  • Am sooooooo excited for Christmas. Are you? Christmas lights are everywhere.
  • If there's one person right now who deserve to put their feet up in the air, it's me.
  • Have I told you that am carrying a big baby? My doctor warns me about my diet. Am down to three meals a day now, no more heavy snacks. Just crackers. Boring.
  • It feels weird to miss someone so badly even though that person is right on front of you every single day. 
  • I love going out every night. Everything feels so romantic.
  • I wish I can wear bigger earrings. I have a short neck. 
  • And Koffy's getting more and more adorable each day. I think he understands human language now. One night he woke me up, he carefully put his right big hand over my bump as if feeling the baby. Am not sure, or am just over imagining things. But he sure is sweet. 
  • I miss my coffee. It's totally allowed. Totally safe if taken in moderation (only 1 cup a day) and if it's decaffeinated. 
  • Converse is the comfiest. I can walk a mile on them. 
I hope you're all having a wonderful week. I wish you happiness, love, joy, energy, beauty and stories to share. Or simply called life - having your own story to tell. 


kookie kulasa said...

lovely post, dear :) made me smile on a very stressful tuesday night (still at the office and it's almost 10!)

Pammy said...

Awww. Imagining Koffy putting his hand on your bump made me smile. Such a sweet dog. :)

gladi said...

Dogs know when you're expecting. Our doggie Pipo was extra clingy when I was pregnant with our baby boy! Koffy must be excited to meet your baby too.

dennicapearl said...

beautifullllll photos! i love this!

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop

Genesis Paredes said...

migosh, these are awesome photos!!!

Smarla said...

i love the pictures here! :D

awwww he put his paw over your bump? that's so adorable!

KD faustino said...

really love random photos like this on ur blog :)


lovely post!! looking forward to xmas too

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