November 22, 2010

Flatmates and The LOVE belt giveaway winner

flat mates

My feet feels fat and ugly now these days. So i bought her a red slippers. It goes about with everything.  

Can't stress enough the importance of good  shoes to a pregnant lady. This time I've found a pair of comfy, soft slippers from Otto for 180php. It's a whooping size 41. hehehe. Am sporting a very obvious giant feet now more than ever. So you can understand my constant hunt for inexpensive pair. Am hoping and praying that after my delivery my feet will go back to it's normal size again because I just can't afford a new shoe size. I love my old shoes.

Anyway thank you so much for all the entries to our LOVEbelt giveaway, both from entries on this blog and the emails i received the past few days. Glad to say we have a total of 32 entries. And our LOVEbelt winner is ....

Nina Lacson. 

Congratulations Nina. Please email me the color of the belt that you like (black, pink, yellow), and your shipping address to as soon as you can.

Also thank you to our giveaway sponsor Clarice Teves of Highly Waisted Belts.  
Have a great day everyone! Happy Monday.


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