November 15, 2010

Purple Wing Dress

purple batwing dress
purple batwing dress
purple batwing dress
purple batwing dress

Did a little shopping every week for the last 4 weeks. Mostly for the baby, but this mommy has an urgent need too that can't wait any longer - I don't have any fitting clothes anymore. Dressing for two became a challenge especially that am more or less five weeks close to my due date. Even with shoes. Am size 9 now. Still 8, but am wearing 9 for it's wide size to accommodate my foot fat. And when it comes to shopping, at least for me that am easily exhausted with a lot of walking, unless am wearing my rubber shoes, - my trick is to confine myself in one store that offers a lot of style, brand and price. Since am living in the Philippines, am going for SM all the way. And am so glad Sm never disappoints. Can I say they've got it all for you. Cheese!

So this dress is one of those pretty cheap dresses i got. The tag says Easy Living, bought it on sale for 250php. My baby's cute frog-suit costs more than my dress. Welcome to parenthood.

dress: SM Department Store
bag: Simply Vera, Vera Wang courtesy of Mother
Shoes: Otto
accessories: Quiapo

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watch Due Date. It's so funny. Robert Downy Jr is like wine. 


NeuroChiq said...

Looking great mommy! And yes, I'm also an SM fan when I need fuss free shopping. =)

I plan to watch Due Date, and you seal the deal tonight. I adore Downy! I'm in love! =)

Rose said...

Oh it must be so tricky to dress for two! I have never taken all that into account when thinking about pregnancy. I still cant wait to be pregnant one day, it must be so exciting :)
Will you be sharing with us what you have bought for baby? I would love so see :D


Manila Girl said...

SM FTW. :-)

Kookie B. said...

love the print on your dress and love the ring!!!

Suz said...

love your ring!


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