March 3, 2012

Ready To Date Again


Jayson and I performing some magic trick (will make the tokwa't baboy disappear) last summer of 2009 at Choco-Late De Batirol in Baguio. Those were the times.....

I miss dating. I love Yllac but I miss the romance, the surprise, the fun, the undivided attention. Hello eating alone while husband chase Yllac in between coffee tables and sometimes in between dating young couples, or me, diaper changing and feeding a constantly hungry baby. We miss just the two of us. I mean, I never thought that marriage can be a lot of work after having a baby. I thought it will be just the same. Don't get me wrong, It's fun having Yllac and he's the most beautiful result of our relationship, our love, our marriage. But having a little one takes all your focus on the baby. And sometimes you tend to forget that the person you married would like to have some special time alone - with YOU. And that person would like to go on a real date. And I think dating this time around would be so much easy, no pressure. Why? 


...the person I am going to date doesn't care how much i spend (or not spend) or how well i dress. He's used to me and loves me anyway.

...has seen me at my very worst and loves me anyway. (especially in the morning)

...he doesn't need to be impressed because he loves me already.

...he already knows am smart but doesn't know a lot really, but loves me anyway.

....he knows that I don't order food I can't read and if i can't read what's on the menu of a fancy spaghetti restaurant, he knows Ill just order Spaghetti with meatballs, lots of cheese, extra garlic bread and big glass of coke. And ice cream at the end of the meal would be great, aaaaand loves me anyway.

...he already knows that I am sort of witty, interesting, talkative, accommodating, well-balanced, well maybe not all at the same time but loves me anyway.

...he already knows that I am a mother. That I have a kid. With him. Of course. c",) aaaand loves me anyway.

I mean, wow! who wouldn't want to date this guy? This guy is my husband, my mate for life. This guy that spoke a tear-jerking marriage vow to me years ago (April 25, 2008) and i believe he still wants to keep them. This guy has lived with me through ups and downs, through job success and loss, through joy and sorrows, through thin and thick (physically) and for the last two years, through my grumpy pregnancy mood, through diapers and sleepless nights. This guy knows me inside out. This guy loves me. 

So we've been making plans since Yllac turned one last December. I know it will be hard on our first date alone and miss Yllac on the first five minutes of it, but we have to do this. Our dates needs tuning-up. And we need to find a good sitter pronto.


Anonymous said...

This made me a lil teary-eyed...

Sheila said...

Denise thank you. because of this i missed my husband terribly. After being married for 8 years and focusing on our jobs and providing for the family we forgot that the most important nurturing of our marriage is us. like you, i want the romance back. Godbless your family Denise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,

I also have a one year old baby girl, and i know exactly how you feel on missing your alone-time with hubby and missing your son while youre on a "date". Last January, my hubby and I went on a skiing trip (which reminds me to post pics on my blog tsk tsk tsk!) WITHOUT the little one. Sure did it breaks my heart leaving her for a couple of days (to my MIL) but those days have helped not only for our relationship but for myself as well, i felt i was back to my old self but better because of the inspiration that my baby is giving goodluck on your date!!! and sorry for the telenovela comment :/


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