March 5, 2012

Good Morning Monday!


Look! My DIY floral pouch looking so .... floral! 

It's truly a miracle that Yllac gave me 7 hours of continuous sleep last night. No waking up to a kicking baby, sometimes a headbutting baby and most nights, a baby rolling on top of me. Yey! We're pretty much energized over here, because ...... that my friend has never happened before since the December 24 of 2010. c",)

And if you have extra time, please visit The Thriftaholic Shop for new posting i did this morning. And also, I would like to congratulate myself for slowly (a painful process am a tell you) convincing myself to let go more of my precious precious shoes. Apparently, chasing my baby boy and five-inch-heels do not approve of each other. It's a dangerous mix.

Happy Monday everyone.

DIY bangle
dress:Genevieve Gozum
belt: Department Store
boots: Make Me Chic


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit, Denise!:) Chic!

Denise said...

@belletinkery: thank you so much. said...

I commented before that we don't have the same fashion style because mine is boring heeheehee...this one is my kind of style yehey!!!


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