March 13, 2012

I Am The Opposite of Camouflage


I am in no position to give advice to anything. So it's always fascinating to receive emails asking me for some. And i believe that i suck at giving advice but if there's one i can say right now regarding mood swings caused by some unfortunate events in life... when those things keeps on creeping in you, i say wear more color to combat all those ugly episodes. The more I am stressed about something, the more colorful i want to appear. No shame. 

skirt: custom-made
boots: make me chic
top: gift
bag: thrift


Bubby's Mummy said...

No shame, indeed. Sometimes I leave the house looking like a rainbow threw up on me. It's all good.

Number Two Lover said...

Opposite indeed! I love that skirt! :D

Almira :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

I wish I have some motivation now to dress up. Love the colors


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