March 24, 2012

Yllac and Clifford, Bible Reading Buddies

Yllac and Clifford, Bible Study Buddies

We're not perfect parents. We're not close to one, and we will never be. Ever! We make mistakes raising Yllac (am a tell you parenting is H-A-R-D), but God knows we're trying our very best. As long as he's happy and healthy I think we're doing a great job. Lately it dawned on me the responsibility of raising this baby boy that someday will grow up to be a man.  Someone kind, responsible, smart,  honest, strong, brave, non-judgmental, God fearing, loyal, trustworthy, hardworking, happy, loving and confident. It's such a big task. Again I am nervous and overwhelmed thinking of these and somehow I felt not worthy for this job. I am not a good influence ( i know for sure), not a role model. But right now I am just glad that he's mine and I am his Mommy. That I am this person right now that has the biggest influence in his life. Someone who will mold him to be the man he's going to be : a good man. But that's just many years from now. Today, this morning i watched him sleep beside Jayson, they're cuddling, his little arms on his Daddy's chest. I look at them and i just love Yllac's sweet chubby cheeks and his lips pursed out. Someday, he'll be big, hair on those cheeks, rougher skin just like Daddy's. And boy I am grateful that I married a good man. While I am not entirely sure how to do this scary parenting thing, I am just glad that the man I chose to marry is the kind of man I want Yllac to be. And that this huge intimidating thing called parenting seem not scary anymore when i look at it now, because Jayson and I get to do it together (gosh! bless those mothers who do it alone). And I just felt God's continues blessings through that and Yllac and I are lucky that way. 

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