March 9, 2012

Life Lately....

Loving the view from up thereYllac's fave seat as of today.
Climbing up and sliding down a million timesReading his favorite "book" before going to sleep.
Super extra stylish todayNOOOoooooooo!!!
Yllac not feeling the green headband. Red maybe?The robot baby waiting for mommy's coffee
The way to a baby's heart is through his tummyOoohhhh am scared. Yllac loves playing ghost these days. c",)
Hurry home Jayson. Your number one fan is waiting for you...... And now the rest of my husband's fans club is here. Come home now daddy. We miss you.
Well i can still fix myself up just like pre-mommyhood, but with a baby that keeps on hugging me from my back.This morning....hug.
How can you sleep at a time like this? Love love loveUuhmm harry potter called, he wants his invisibility cloak back.
Rockstars play the piano like thisWell i guess it's about time to make a real teepee. Holding up blankets over our head is no fun after 15 minutes.

all photos taken via instagram

been thinking about "time" in general a lot these days. It's so fast i cant cope with it. Night after night after putting yllac to bed, i look at him and my heart swells of love and joy and it's a bittersweet feeling to see him grow so fast. One day he won't fit inside his plastic toy box anymore, or in his basin or in the sink......these thoughts are pinching my heart.

Having Yllac in our lives taught me to cherish every moment and see in my heart of hearts what really matters most in this lifetime - family, relationship, friendship. Everything else is just everything else.


promding chamimay said...

awwww... i feel you! :-)

im a sucker for happy posts lately... need some happy thoughts... :-) thanks for being one. :D

Anonymous said... don't look good without the make-up eh? lol

Denise said...

@promding chamimay : thank you charm.

Cherry said...

same thoughts about kids growing up so fast :( ...mine is 13months old and i want to prolong it


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