March 23, 2012

The Purple Evelyn

Purple Evelyn
Purple Evelyn
Purple Evelyn
Purple Evelyn
Purple Evelyn

I never thought that purple and leopard could look good together. This shoes is my first ever purple in my closet. I guess I was scared of this color for such a long time that i never saw the fun with it. 

Anyway, let's talk about the weather shall we? Boy oh boy was it hell hot this week? And I am having a hard time leaving the house because of this heat. And also am having a very difficult time constructing a decent outfit. And to add to that, I seem to be going through a total metamorphosis every summer : my dear big old foot expands all of a sudden and my hair gets huge and frizzy. Every summer it has become a challenge for me dressing up. God knows I will never show my arms. No-oh! These arms will never be summer ready ever! So am planning to hit the thrift store this week (so you think am gonna say gym?) to look for breezy tops and more skirts but then  it's hot and thrift stores here aren't the most comfortable place on earth most especially with this summer heat. So I'm doomed. I remember a friend saying once, when all else fails (your clothes), don't wear anything at all. But that's just a criminal offense. So forget it.

But on a bright side, see the purple top am wearing? I tweaked it a bit by dabbing a piece of cloth with bleach in it. And just dab dab dab. It's still purple but not too purple anymore. And this skirt? It was once a midi, but decided to cut off some of it for a more summer look.

So, tell me, how do you stay covered on days like these? 
skirt: trhift
"Evelyn" wedges: shoe etiquette   


Number Two Lover said...

First of all, amazing styling. Peg ko for summer in school! And secondly, there is no way Imma stay covered up. Actually on my recent ukay shopping I looked for shorts but since they ran out already (clearance na kasi), I looked for oversized tops. And oversized I got! XD

Almira :)

isza27 said...

Like it!

Noelle Chantal said...

I miss you Denise!!! Loving that galaxy like print of your top and the matchy leopard shoes too! Have a great weekend! Blooming as ever! :)

Anonymous said...

ang ganda ng kulay!

Yen said...

Oh my gosh! Outfit envy! I love the combo! The purple evelyns are quite unique!

KD faustino said...

OMG ang ganda-ganda mo naman!!! Love this outfit on you! At ang payat ah!!!

Haven't been in your blog for so long, I LOVE THE LAYOUT!!!!!!! Is this a template? Can you tweet me what template this is???

Thanks, love!!! x


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