May 1, 2012

Life Is Cool With Instagram

Yllac dividing the twizzlers. 1 for mommy, 1 for me, one for daddy, one for me..can't wait for milk tea
UntitledSo tell me, how am i gonna wear this?
I dont think he knows the difference anyway....Fountain watching. And yeah, too much stripes going on.
Okay, so when was the last time you took a public shower? Deym, forgot to bring soap and shampoo.New trick. Works like a charm...
New in. From husband with love.I smell a vintage
UntitledWe do not have these many stairs at home, so you understand this boy's fixation.
Flirting with the mannequin. Oh yllac!Yllac knows exactly where to find girls.

Hi cool kids! 


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