December 6, 2012

A Little Family Road Trip To The North

vigan at night
bangui windmills
strolling vigan
sands of pagudpud

My parents came home last weekend so Jayson took a week off from work to finally take that much awaited road trip to the north. We haven't had the chance to take a trip since Yllac was born. Also we kind of thought that since babies won't remember or enjoy any kind of trip, it is best to wait till Yllac gets a little bigger. We knew it would be very challenging so we decided to wait for my parents to come home for this trip. I love how traveling seems easy when you have your parents with you. With a baby under two, long  hours of driving can be a bit too much for them, so it's really fun to have my mom and dad entertain, play, and read to Yllac whenever he gets bored. So far we're enjoying every thing. Every food is delicious. I love Ilocano food. I am part Ilocano. yes! Yllac's having the time of his life running around and enjoying the feel of sand all over his body. (Hello sand on hair and diaper???) Which can be a sign of impending crying spell when it's time for a break or in most cases - falling asleep and dropping his head on the bed of sand. Like he's expecting to wake up on the beach. Yllac hates hotel rooms that's for sure. If that makes him a cool traveler then good for him when he grows up and decides to do his own traveling.

We're enjoying the last days of our family trip and taking as many photos as possible to take home with me. I love road trips. This has always been our thing., Jayson and I. There's so much fun and pain whenever we do this. But I wouldn't trade the feeling of total numbness of my butt for anything in the world.  It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about our lives before and now that Yllac is with us. I always thought we had a perfect chaotic  life, Jayson and me. Well until Yllac came....he made It more perfect and more chaotic. That triple combination, of chaos, bliss and butt numbness makes life so much beautiful.


Yeoh! Parents are here! And good morning to you too.Vigan, here we come!
It's fun in #Vigan #latergramLook at my baby go!!! #vigan
BanguiReading to himself.
Can't sleep. Sand is our favorite thing right now. Banga

..more little photos from instagram.

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Cherise said...

Its nice to spend some time with the family! Glad you find the time to do that!


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