December 9, 2012

Are You Excited For Bloggers United 4? + I am Giving Away Free Pass Tickets...

BU4 Poster

Hi folks! Bloggers United is back again for the fourth time. This time, World Bazaar Festival graciously sponsored the two day event, which will be held at World Trade Center, from December 15 (Saturday) to 16 (Sunday). So see you all there. For those of you who haven't been to any BU event before, Bloggers United is a group of Pinoy bloggers, joining together for a day, (this time, for two whole days) to sell (and meet you too in person, and not just from the internet) some of our beloved clothes, shoes, purse and all that stuff for a very affordable price and give a portion of our earnings to a charity. So if you buy from us, you support a great cause. 


Also Bloggers United wanted to thank our Official Sponsors and Media Partners:

So here is the FUN PART: Denise Katipunera is giving away 10 free tickets for this two-day event. All you have to do is follow World Bazaar Festival on twitter and like their facebook page and lastly, leave a comment here with your full name and the name of a friend you are taking with you. That's it! See you all on December 15 and 16. 

------ (Edited today, December 12, 2012)

Hi everyone! Id like to take all of you but that is not possible.(sorry!!!) So I picked the first ten names who entered this BU4 ticket giveaway. And they are:

Katherine Rivera
Kc Coronel
Carole Malenab
Mikhail Malenab
Apple Anonuevo
Ronel Anonuevo
Zaya Pono
Jolo Desiderio
Melissa Anne Agbulos
Issabel Mamaril

Thank you for joining this giveway and I hope to see all of you at World Trade Center on Dec 15-16. Bloggers United 4 is open for all. And for those of you who didn't win free tickets please come and support this fashionable cause. Admission ticket costs only 50php. Yay! 

And tomorrow, if you like, you can come back here, Ill show you some items i will be selling. 

Have a great day everyone.


Kath said...

Katherine Rivera
Friend: Kc Coronel

carolekaye said...


Carole Malenab
Friend/Husband: Mikhail Malenab (hahaha)

Apple said...

hi ms denise.

ticket naman dyan.

Apple & Ronel Anonuevo

Zaya said...

Done! :)

Name: Zaya Pono
Friend: Jolo Desiderio

Anonymous said...

Melissa anne agbulos

Friend: issabel mamaril


Pretty please :) it's our first time :)

Denise Lozada said...

Hi folks. so excited to see all of you at BU4. yay!

Kaisha said...

Kaisha Aliasas
My friend's name : Pauline Pineda =)

jaiapascua said...

Justin Elizabeth Pascua
Friend: Jeanne Eunice Pascua

Erna De Jesus said...

Erna De Jesus
Joel De Jesus


Anonymous said...

Followed and liked!

Name: Grace Siy

Gen siy

myles said...

denise i visited your booth. you were so genuinely warm and nice. and really pretty too! bought ur striped green dress. what a steal! hehe . YOU, camille and kryz are my fave bloggers :)


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