December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To You My Friends!

happy 2nd bday
happy 2nd bday
happy 2nd bday

This was yesterday, cousin MJ to the rescue. Thanks Kuya. I don't know Yllac's fascination with candlelight, he doesn't have the heart to blow it off. Oh, well, maybe on his 3rd birthday. We'll see...

So, how's your Christmas? Hope it's a good one and hope it's more fun that you all spent it with your loved ones. My parents are here and Im just thrilled. The last time we spent the holidays together was years and years ago. So this Christmas feels extra special. And ever since Yllac was born two years ago on December 24, I see Christmas in a different way. It's more special. Every year it was like remembering God's most beautiful present for us. No greater gift can top Yllac. Every Christmas day is a reminder of God's wonderful love for me. Seriously, nothing can top that...

Merry Christmas friends!


roviedear said...

Aawww super cute kids!! merry christmas denise! i appreciate our convo last bu4! sana maulit pa :):) wish you all the best! salamat sa lahat!!!

The Bargain Doll

Askmewhats said...

Merry Christmas Denise to you and your family! :D


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