December 24, 2012

Happy Second Birthday Yllac

happy birthday Yllac!

All babies are miracles. And Yllac is my miracle. I wanted him for so long. I prayed for him. And God gave him to me. He is perfect and is wonderfully made for me and Jayson. Yllac is set apart, and uniquely marvelous. He is God's master piece, ours forever to love, nurture, protect and guide. Ours forever to see him grow and flourish. Just like any parent, we all worry for our child. I don't know what the future holds for him. But as his mother who knows him well than anyone in this world, I know he will do great. But right now all I want for him is to be healthy and happy. 

I look at Yllac now, he's sleeping beside his daddy and think to myself how the heck did he turn two year old so fast? He turns two today, December 24. TWO! I picked up a cute checkered polo shirt for him and a little skinny baby jeans and his converse shoes that he'll wear for his special day, and hoping he will like it too. We'll have lunch with our families, He will open presents, eat lots of cake and hopefully this time he'll blow his candles. (remember this?) Will you cross your fingers for Yllac please? But if he doesn't blow his candles, that's okay. No pressure at all. It's just candles. I am his mother, I can blow it for him. That's what mothers are for right? 

...we love you Yllac. Thank you for bringing so much beauty and meaning into our lives. You made us so strong. We promise we'll do everything and anything for you, because Mommy and Daddy loves you so much. Forever.

Happy birthday Yllac!   

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...if you like. 

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