December 17, 2012

Bloggers United 4 : Blurry and Caaaraaayzee Edition.

BU4 Bloggers United 4

my suitcase and shoes

BU4 Bloggers United 4

Ava's Athan, all business and pleasure

BU4 Bloggers United 4

 If you wanna have a picture with a blogger, make sure to wear something costume-y. They won't say No to you. Evidence A - "the Sisters" harassing this dude with a huge head for a photo. Aahhh, a healthy sibling rivalry.


palengke scene. Tawaran.

BU4 Bloggers United 4

For your information, if you don't know know how to properly set up your dslr, expect some extra chin and cheek to your face. Oh, that's Kookieboo and me. 

BU4 Bloggers United 4

always fun to meet your internet friends

BU4 Bloggers United 4

 The talented Ms. Ana

BU4 Bloggers United 4

Gizelle's purses

BU4 Bloggers United 4

 talent portion

BU4 Bloggers United 4

 what blogger pose? Here is Kookieboo doing the Little Miss Philippines pose.

BU4 Bloggers United 4

Zooey Deschanel photo-bombing the bloggers and their readers. Also, bloggers and their readers really do look a like don't you think?..... But of course except Bjorn and his lady here. c",)

BU4 Bloggers United 4

 "where's the camera?" Kelly-my-darling, me, Sarah-my loves and Ana-my-sweetheart

BU4 Bloggers United 4

 Bestie's jacket is so fluffy am goooooonna die! I could fondle her fluffy jacket forever. 

BU4 Bloggers United 4

 Aisa (far left), me, Bianca and Paul The PR Guy. Paul did not move for two days, looking totally cute, pimple free and open mouth for two whole days! Talk about dedication. R E S P E C T!

BU4 Bloggers United 4

Kelly, Tracy, and Sisa. 

That's all for now folks. More "serious" photos coming soon. Promise.


AVA T.♥ said...

grabe lang makahiga ang anak ko haha :)) thank you, momma for tolerating him =P miss you!!

krissy ♥ said...

Ang cute ni Athan!!!! :D

And LOL at your description of Paul's photo hahahahaha :D

Bianca Sing said...

Super super nice to finalllly meet you <3 annnnd I love the pull over I got from you <3

Merry Christmas <3


Jenny said...

Hahahaha kahit blurry yung pictures nagenjoy ako while reading this post! Sayang hindi ako masyadong nagpupunta sa mga bloggers united Ate Denise. Mukang nagenjoy ka ng sobra. Aw, love your hair color. You look so amazing!

Anagon =) said...

Tawang tawa ako sa R E S P E C T! Hahahahaha! :D Love you ate denise! Till next po! :)


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