December 19, 2012

Alexa Dress

Alexa Dress
Alexa Dress
Alexa Dress
Zara Red Slingback heels and Arabesque accessories
Alexa Dress

There are 3 things i always look forward to at every Bloggers United event - first is to meet my internet-friends. And I did just that. Second, to see my favorite bloggers and get to meet new ones. And I did just that. Third, to own a piece of quality, fashionable and cheap clothing from fellow bloggers. Aaaaand I did just that. I think I overdid that one. Waaay too much. This dress? I got this from Alexa - the pretty, cute, young lady from Cebu. And she really is. She's one of those I really admire. Such a young girl with a pretty good taste in fashion. She's always perfect. So I can't help but get this stripe dress from her for only 350php. Wow! How can people pass off this dress?? But I am glad they did. So, on the second day of BU4, I wore this dress right away. You know me,...I love stripe. And I love Alexa.

dress: from Alexa
heels: Zara
watch and purse: from Mom
rings and bangle: Arabesque

1 comment:

Ann said...

Love the stripes but my fave are the SHOES! Yummy REDS =D

Happy holidays Ms. Denise! =D


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