May 7, 2013

If You Want My Only Parenting Advice I Can Think Of Now...Here It is


For me, it is just simple really. But true. I mean the absolute truth. You know what fellow moms and dads... kids don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. I have finally understood that now...


subic abandoned mini golf course
subic abandoned mini golf course

If you ask any new parent  what they want for their kids? maybe 11 out of 10 parents would say - I just want my baby to be healthy and happy. I am pretty darn sure that all parents want that. But most of us don't know how to do that exactly. As a mom, I am still learning each day how to make my son a happy toddler. Even before Yllac was born we have prepared ourselves to provide every single thing our child might need. Just like any parent, I want him to have the best of everything. And then he was born and as he grew bigger we were excited to play with him with all the toys we assumed he would like. He liked them alright but between the toy and the box of the toy, (you guessed it right, high five!) he was more interested to the box of the toy. The car keys provide a lot of entertainment to him for longer periods of time than his rattle. He likes to chomp the tv remote rather than his teether. Mommies who read this, yah feel me?

subic abandoned mini golf course
subic abandoned mini golf course

And right now, just like any toddler Yllac is obsessed with parks or any  place he can go, run and explore. Absolutely for free. He's so happy here. If he's happy, then I am happy too.

subic abandoned mini golf course

As I recall now, all I can remember about my childhood are the times when I'm with my parents. I don't remember much, but when I do, it's always with my family. I will never forget when my Dad used to visit me in school when I was in kindergarten. I will always remember those afternoons we spent at my dad's farm. My mom and I sharing a sour green mango. Our eyes twitching. My brother and me playing hide and seek and jumping into the next river with the carabaos. I always remember vividly our family dinners, the four of us together sitting in one table and talking and laughing. I remember that one night we went to Luneta park. We rode a jeepney on the way there and ate our hotdogs on a stick. I also remember crying and being upset but I don't remember why? Honestly I don't remember much about my toys. But I do remember one toy. It was a wooden gun toy my dad made for me. Yup, I am not much of a doll-girl then.

Maybe what Im trying to say here,( if you would take my advice ) is that, kids don't need a lot of fancy things, toys or clothes. They don't care about those. All they care about is us giving our lives to them. Spend time with them and play. Real play. Run along with them, slide with them, sit on the ground with them. After all,  those are the things they will surely remember and keep to the heart as they grow up. 

Parks are free (yay!) and as long as Yllac wants it here, then to the park we go. Everyday. 

And if someday, Yllac asks for a SEGA or ATARI, or whateveryoucallit kids wants these days, then maybe I've saved up enough from not buying so much shit toys he didn't need anyway.

Can I ask you how often you go to the park with your little ones? They just love it there don't they?


subic abandoned mini golf course

I can explain my dress and my heels. c",) I seriously don't go parking with my toddler looking like this. I need to look extra fancy here because this mama needs to look fancy to our fancy anniversary dinner a couple of days ago. When I say fancy, it's an opposite for jollibee dinner and shorts and tees. Yah feel me? So yeah, we're all sticky and real hungry just in time for our dinner. 

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Carole Kaye Malenab said...

O yes Denise. I totally agree. Being a working mom, I often feel that I should always buy something for my baby girl whenever I'm in the mall (to somehow compensate for those moments I am not with her). Yes, she'll smile upon seeing the new dress/toy, but it'll only last a li'l while. But when I play with her, cuddle her, tickle her and put her to sleep, she gleams. She glows and I am a happy mom.


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