May 13, 2013

Yllac and Me on Mother's Day 2013


First of all,  Happy Mother's day to my mom and Jayson's Mom - the two most wonderful women in our lives. Thank you Moms for setting a beautiful example for us each day while we were growing up and up till now. You're both our strength. Thank you so much. And of course Happy Mother's day to you and to your mom too and to all moms. Yay! It sure feels good that the whole world is celebrating us. Hooray for Moms!

Just wanted to share these photos of us yesterday on the playground. I mean, It was supposed to be "my day", but it's impossible to drag this toddler of mine to come with me and buy something nice for myself in the mall. Toddlers do not understand the concept of retail therapy, lemme tell yah 

Yllac and Me on Mother's Day 2013
Yllac and Me on Mother's Day 2013
Yllac and Me on Mother's Day 2013
Yllac and Me on Mother's Day 2013
Yllac and Me on Mother's Day 2013

So with coins in my pocket we went to the playground and got crazy-hyper trying on every slide, see-saw, swing and monkey bar like it's the end of the world. Seriously with toddlers and playground, they looooooove it like it's the end-of-the-world, like there's no tomorrow. You know what I mean? After a million times of going up and down from that slide, and those never ending pushing and pulling Yllac's weight on the see-saw and chasing after this baby of mine, oh boy, oh boy, Im panting like an old dog who's just delivered twelve little puppies or something. My whole body is aching and so is my bad right knee. Imagine my relief when the ice cream cart finally came. Yllac ran towards it like his legs are gonna fall off and treat ourselves some ice cream. We finally sat our butts on the grass and took a break from all the playing. The ice cream was so good....soooo good that Yllac stole mine too. Seriously, it was the cheapest date of my life! And the most tiring date of my life too. At the end of the day we were both super sticky but it was good.

For me, this is motherhood. If it means to play all day like this, then I've never wanted anything so much in my life. I love this gig. This is for me. This boy is my life. 

I hope you had an awesome mother's day celebration too. Hope you got treated to a lot of hugs and kisses and massage and sleep maybe? Happy Mother's Day! 


Mother's Day 2012

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Toni P. said...

i got a lot of laway kisses from my 2 girls. a far more better alternative than coffee. haha! happy mother's day, Denise! better late than never! :)

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