May 21, 2013

Thrift Confessions - Texier Leather Bag

Thrift Texier Leather Bag
Thrift Texier Leather Bag
Thrift Texier Leather Bag

If you're going to invest in a bag - make it A Have-It-Forever Leather Bag. But good leather bags are expensive and there is no way I can afford that now. But sometimes you just get lucky, if yah know what I mean? 

Okay, here's a story.

Two months ago I saw this beautiful, creamy-soft bucket bag from the thrift store I frequent. It took my breath away like a punch in my stomach. The good kind of punch. That kind of pressure that makes you all giddy up and imagine yourself carrying that bag anywhere. For the first time this year I know I "needed" that bag. So i inspected it and it's perfect. No scratch anywhere, it is perfect. Twice perfect! Usually, thick leather bags are heavy but this one feels like a feather. The brand said "Texier" and I have no idea about that brand. The asking price was 700php.Wow! it was a little expensive when it's supposed to be a thrift right. Yah know what I mean ladies and gentlegays? So I made my peace to say goodbye to it for a while and maybe, just maybe, after a month if the bag is still hanging up there on it's pedestal, then maybe it's meant for me to take it home.

Fast forward to a month later, (and i know, you know, it's a good happy story right?) it is still hanging up there. (Im going for the kill) With 700 pesos in my hand i marched my thrifty bum inside the store heaving a sigh of relief that that beautiful bag is meant for me. The thrift lady said "300 ate, sale kami". Nothing registered inside my braid, I just stared at her. All the while I was whoohoo-ing inside. Playing along, I pushed my luck to 250php. (it's just a barter trick you need to master when you thrift- always ask for a lower price) She rolled her eyes and pretend to think. ( I know she's just pretending, it's a sales technique - HA HA!) And then she said yes. We both smiled and sealed the deal. Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! I finally have a Texier leather bucket bag. Yah feel me? 


...the best thing about leather bags, is that they get better over time. The oils in our hand make it look better, but you wouldn't see that effect if the bag were black. A classic shape and practical size is important, but in the end, it's all about the color. I love camel and brown hues on bag. Black is a classic, but I prefer camel leather. Especially this one, the amazing looking beat-up brown leather from Texier. It sure is versatile too. You can easily wear it with everything, from pastels to neon. You can mix camel with just as many colors as you would with black.

So, tell me, have you had any luck with thrift leather bags recently?  

here's another thrift camel bag I have


Lauren said...

Whoa, that is one gorgeous bag! I'm a sucker for leather shoes and bags, but I've never found a nice leather bag at ukay. I would have totally bought this at 700. Great find. :)

cheekeegirl said...

wow! nice and great find

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Score!!! Here's a link for that bag's price (more or less the same style)

it's 199.00£ lng nmn =) yey!

Anonymous said...

i am sooo bad with haggling! kahit 50 pesos ayaw ibigay. kaloka lang! pero ang ganda lang ng bag mo Denise! another plus kasi bucket bag!

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